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Brush him aside and focus on elizabeth. And she's gonna cast malicious shadow on elizabeth awesome. Go henry attack role thirty. That is a hit. So you see her shadow turn you see elizabeth's shadow morph into sort of silhouette of ellie and it's like all ellie wants to do is strangle her to death. So it's like elliot's sending her shadow up there and she's gonna start. Scott star attacked him so cool. Well which you see that happening. You see the shadow valley up there strangling this lady thirty four. That's a hit not a crit not adequate great still fantastic so to ten plus five. Seventeen damage k. Peter you're up. There is a lot happening around you sir. Sure is my first question is what do we know about these nightmare. Steets on a roll and a cultism. Well so hasn't somebody already told us about them or no no awesome. But i didn't roll anything. That's one action. It is one action. I will do it. It's like peter got his turn. Everyone left him so twenty. Five or cultism. You don't know anything this works. And he's he's says show. Please help me help me do this. And so he praised the show and he's going to ban it. Try to banish the horse. That would be incredible. This is cool. Yeah and i love that. Peter gets like at least last time when he did this he got all like you will be gone and that was. Yeah if actually he's He praised the shelling kind of. But then he's i behold horse so it rose a will save yeah. I don't know why it rolled twice. We'll take the first one which is a thirty which is what it needed So on a success the target resist being banished so you see it like starting to phase out and it like digs into this tile and just like you see straining to not be pulled away damn so close no no show from help from sean..

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