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Nfc east philadelphia washington and dallas. We're going to run through all three of those teams. Tell you which one we think is most likely to win the division. Can they go over. there win. Totals and some really interesting player prop angles on all three of these teams especially as it concerns some of these wide receivers in dallas. Green day can famously sang. Wake me up when september ends what we say here on you better you bet in bed kjell we're awake now that september's here in the opening segment today. We're going to talk about the things. We are most excited to bet on in the world. Sports this fall when we're really going to have the irish mortgage for on the menu. It's day three of the five days of laki. And on the third day of lough mask and bar at barclay will give us a winner in syracuse in ohio. That's not the sexiest match. Hey winners or winners will also talk about the packers and the saints week one now. Going to be played in jacksonville. What that's going to do from the line and how we're going to be betting the game as a result power our final hour all our bets for tonight read wallich joins with bed q. Five star plays all our vets for major league. Baseball and tyler morales joins us for golf pets for the tour championship this weekend. We are locked and loaded on a wonderful wednesday. it's now september can barclay how we doing doing great. Yeah you mentioned september. He had a really good idea for how to start the show and kind of turn the turn the calendar page with being like a pretty slow news day as we gear up for football. I guess before we do that. We probably have to say goodbye to august. Maybe not the best month personally but we. We had a great night last night. It's worth noting and eli who. I'm not sure it's on here. Otherwise i i would bring him on right now. Eli the man who had to be arm twisted to death to make a baseball bat last night and ended up. Basically just like writing are coat-tails like okay fine. I guess i'll take oakland oguz the last day and and we all get a winner with that. I went to an old last night which was awesome much much better night for the crew then monday night. So the the final night of of august before we turn the page was also very successful. How about that oak coming through for all of us last night. The oakland athletics and i texted earlier are group's saying look. It's now september and it's not timber it's focused. So perhaps we'll have blind bets on the detroit tigers. They take on the world. Athletics oakland's like minus one eighty in that game. I will almost certainly have a wager on the tigers. Why not because of x. Fep not because of era not because of bab but because it's now september that's the handicapping angles at. You will only get here on you better. you bet. Well now that it is september can. This was the exercise. That i wanted to pose to work that eli into quake linke or least can come on your feet and talk about this as well because now that it's september it's officially the ball and no football season. Nfl doesn't start until next thursday college. I guess started last weekend but we got some games coming up tomorrow..

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