President Trump, Michael Cohen, FBI discussed on The 11th Hour with Brian Williams


In a legal role he sort of transformed and become a spokesman in a political way much the way he was during the campaign and that includes doing things at not only go against the investigation for example a confirming essentially jim commes assertion that the president wanted him to publicly say that he wasn't under investigation in that was a factor in him being fired two going on television today and saying that the justice department needs to investigate those who were the fbi agents who were investigating a michael cohen which is really extraordinary thing to say so i feel like he has gone into this become the president's mouthpiece in away and really railing against this investigation in a very full throated way whether it could bring legal problems or not clint watts how many years did you spend with the fbi to two two thousand two and threes and agent and then came back again as a special advisor for counterterrorism for about three more years three to four more i asked that because i'm gonna play you something rudy giuliani said last night about fbi agents we'll talk about this on the other side the only possible violation there would be was it a campaign finance violation but usually would result in a fine by the way not this big storm storm troopers coming in breaking down his apartment and breaking down it's all of us that got a lot of attention today i'm wondering how it felt to you it's hard to imagine because you know rudy giuliani was the inspiration after nine eleven you know this is when we were talking about let's get nypd fbi together joint terrorism task force i i was at the fbi academy on the first anniversary of nine eleven i remember the talk in new york city you know president bush being there and to see the mayor of new york talk about the fbi agents being stormtroopers that are kicking in doors relating them to nazis it's just unfathomable i could not imagine this you know fifteen sixteen years after no be in part because of his leadership because there is a joint terrorism task force outback here on what is normally the skating rink there is a huge office party taking place an outside firm being watched over by members of the joint terrorism nypd taskforce with automatic weapons it's a stunning turn that you know not.

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