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In one drive a yesterday to to malibu and it was real dead. I noticed ever since. Fuck face gavin newsom. Did you know he Released a poor stop. The stay at home order started a outdoor dining again. You drive down melrose and it's fucking packed. Catch packed blue jam cafe. Pack job down ventura boulevard. This weekend packed. Every restaurant is people just fucking out and just like you know there's no flare ups again and again man it just it is what it is vaccines. I just don't know what the fuck can say anymore. You know but Malibu was the most dead i've ever seen. I've never seen that dead before ever. But because i'm getting rid of the porsche house like them in the my father-in-law drive the car. He fucking loves it so much he was. you know. hit like a buck. Thirty five the turbo so easily. Just you know driving chilin to kick it. Yesterday i went and attended a cocky. Riders mc meaning. Now i have been inactive for nine fucking years but i've always had super love my club you. I'm saying to outsiders most people to police even even though they do know. Technically we are a motorcycle club. We are looked upon as again right. We are about eighty members. Deep right now we are. I would say ninety eight percent black. Those latinos anything else but yes we crabs. We got bloods essays. We've never had any issues inside. The club and cocky is again. You know what we were gang meaning like you know. We were a click. We were super tight. We show that. I've seen so many people so long so me pulling up fucked a lot of people up and obviously our clubhouse is in south central los angeles and a lot of people. Don't get because of my net worth my background. What i've done people don't know about you. Know sloss and bannon k town ban in my old school days so to see me pull up in the hood. This is just you know this is where i'm from so it was a trip. Seen all the new members. I think a lot of them were shocked. Know that house. A fucking been cocky since two thousand and three and so You know cocky has transitioned. It was all sports by club. Now it's like seventy percent hogs and like thirty percents poor bikes but these hogs clean like motherfucking boy. Wer shout to double our. It's one of my closest friends masks. My dogs my rider died real. Og homey that you know barely get to see but you know we wrap them. You know he's got a fucking road glide he'd be twelve o'clock now bitch and you know cocky is just a anytime. Go through south central compton. You go through all the hood you see guys on bikes you see fucking black vast you see them colors and you see that red see you already know as cocky so just know that boys a part of that My best is being made now because idaho. Og vest there are some beef involved whatever's unimportant for anybody to from the podcast know this but yeah so you know Paid my dues yesterday As club was any club. Beat fucking Hells angels the fuck it mongols. Whatever every club every. Mci has dues. So yeah you don't get my best excited. I'm just thinking about it. Haven't told my wife yet again. The harley figured that out yet but we will get that into that is just crazy but it was good to see all the old home easing damn brought back memories man but You know happy. Belated birthday to kid. Cut in his santino social media because like whatever mom cutty is down under down under and we'll say where filming a movie for the next two months and he hit me on his birthday or hit me his birthday for where he was because it was the thirtieth where he was and Yeah we shopped it up for like shit hour and a half talking about everything. We got a call projects going jewelry and stuff and We're just boats. Such aquarius is some of the shady. Says fok basso crazy talks like this man. It's exactly how talk and would just will find shit to talk. We just really just chop it up and he had like said. I don't really have a lot of friends. You know what. I'm saying like like dennis. The friend dot is a friend. You know chip is my boy. And he's your friend you know it was like super small circle has really. Obviously you know was a trip. Because i don't really fuck with too many people and You know appreciate cutty. He's got a lot of insight so genius who always talk about kinds of shit and he's very vocal about certain things that he feels about so really crazy. But yo- happy earth strong my dude thirty seven years old you still a young whippersnapper. Bro and much love but So check it out to movies. This weekend candidate movies were quick. I saw the little things right. And that's with rami. Malek jared leto and of course the goat my favorite fucking actor denzel washington right now. This movie was filmed in. La based upon l. a. starts out in kern county and Visuals were cool. You knows based in nineteen ninety. I like seeing that aesthetic. Those old cars kinda hard to fill that in la and they shot so great couple of really good cinematography shots which is really clean and the story was cool but on going to be real which like i was like okay. This is getting exciting. This is getting creepy diseases. You know it's about a fucking serial killer they gonna find this dude and then it gets to the end and i don't wanna fucking spot for you but you know what bro. This movie was hitting me out of seven seven five. You know some people that it was eight and then ending happened and that motherfucker dropped down to a five. And i really really really want like movie. 'cause i fuck with denzel you know. This man helped me in hollywood. How's a fan before. I met him little things out. No man's been some disappointments saying Next on my watch was american skin A featuring starring directed by and written by his duty mate parker forgotten movie. He was in use. A movie called. Brian bay auto. Sheriff phil was. I think that was move. Your forgot what the fuck fuck was named park ran anyways. American skin is a story. Not like george. Floyd i forgot who the fuck the dude was who got shot but spot a story about a father who is an ex marine. Who has a son. That has killed in gunned down in front of him by police gone. This movie is heavy as fuck now. There's some parts of seemed a little unrealistic but it was very realistic. This movie was very real. It goes by fast. There's really no dry part of this movie is is a good watch now. If you are white. I suggest you watch this movie twice. Okay everyone else. Go watch his movie. It's but we american skin as i highly recommended. It's fucked up. You know it's a reason why you gotta issue at the fucking police. Anyways going back on credit. Use my credit a lot lately. I got open credit cards. Obviously at pay off you know. I don't like wait on pima creek off this month. I saw realizing fucks your scores right there. Especially if you're using so much so you know. I'll make up my credit card three to four times a month as i use it but i like to have the open credit and it's good especially now when i'm thinking about a motorcycle is so there's by cost thirty five thousand four like as hog with some beating it. I'm like fuck of finance as easily. It's nothing so anyways. Think my buying a second crab in the bay area. Everything in san francisco is just not realistic for me. Right there's a couple of cribs. I really liked right around sixteen to twenty million dollar range. And i'm like that means we live there forever or like that's being created by wife's not ready for that yet but i am looking for a second crib. something that is with at least fifteen minutes twenty minutes max way from sf city. And it's something where. I could leave a car there..

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