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Going to continue working rex tillerson let's get david in here on this from hartsfield tennessee high david welcome to the program wow i totally agree with rex tillerson not believe we need somebody with a little bit of experience and knowledge about world affairs and leader we hopefully ovary law david thank you to that point let me get some sound in here from republican senator bob corker of tennessee he took a dig at the president and through some support toward some of his cabinet members including rex tillerson sect day tillerson secretary mattis and uh chief of staff kelly uh are those people that help separate our country from chaos wow steven henderson that's quite a statement from the powerful republican senator from tennessee yeah yeah very very damning of of this presidency and i think were were starting to see more of this inside the republican party you think of the people who have stood up and said they're not going to seek reelection for their seats in congress republicans many of them expressing we'll frustration about the way this administration has worked with congress and in particular with republicans dave draw a congressman from red year in michigan is among those who has said he's had enough he's only been there two terms a but but he feels like he can't get anywhere i think really soon we're gonna start to see this sort of recommend a real reckoning inside the republican party of the effect.

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