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I am KCBS news time eight eleven a search and rescue teams recovered the body. Monterey Bay area man who was skiing at a resort Lake Tahoe. When he was reported missing yesterday, Douglas county Undersheriff Paul houses ski patrol members. Using a search dog found sixty two year old bread Herrick of seaside buried in deep snow today at the heavenly ski resort Herrick had last been seen by his girlfriend and they stage coach lodge area at about eleven thirty yesterday morning as body was buried in a wooded area about one hundred feet from the groomed trail near the California Nevada line, which is about three were there was about three feet of snow. New snow that fell over the weekend. How says he crashed into very deep powder and likely suffocated or died from exposure an autopsy is pending determine the exact cause of death. Local jurisdictions have limited sphere of influence when it comes to guns. The right to bear arms is protected by the second amendment of the constitution. Then state law preempts local regulations, but KCBS as Margie shave reports that San Jose is looking to strengthen the requirements vendor. Permits for the sake of. Local gun safety. San Jose will consider local gun legislation requiring video and audio recording a firearm amunition purchases the training of gun store. Staff inventory checks and point of purchase suicide prevention sign every gun that enters a community, even if it's through the black market at one point started with the retail sale. And so if we can do something at that point, we can have an impact at that is San Jose mayor San the who has surrounded by gun safety advocates this legislation takes aim at straw purchasers. That's when the actual buyer of a firearm uses another person to execute the paperwork needed to buy from a dealer pastor, Danny? Sanchez says these guns end up with young gang members, mostly children shooting children. It have no access to guns. San Jose police chief Eddie Garcia whose officers have confiscated one hundred seventy guns over the past year. Endorses the legislation. The city council will consider the proposal in the coming weeks in San Jose, Margie, Schaefer, KCBS, roost, McGowan and. Sportsline coming up next on KCBS news time now eight thirteen. State farm. This is Bill finally got me Bill fabric, the Clark street crater, the mother of all pothole. Yeah. Year after rim wrecking year. It's tormented the people of this town they tried to fill it. But it always turns it Comey could stay Bronx. Got you to you. You ain't nothing trash talking about pothole. Yes. Yes..

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