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Ninety four W. I. P. whose because a lot of issues with the go to Broad Street thank you points out of spite gasket allows white wait a minute what are the issues that I'll give you one giving you something to talk about for full well giving issue right now I want to show today were somehow I got a downgrade Brian Dawkins well you know why why is that because people are leaning into emotional connection and putting him above Barkley and Lindros and they shot it well but the question is when we say greatest young is emotional connection part of being great well obviously it's your world today she's got Jason Kelsey number one but think of it absolutely nonsensical he's going to be a hall of Famer think of the think of the athletes we've run out of town because they do not have that emotional connection thing about Scott Rolen general is a hall of fame player couldn't make it here because he didn't he didn't like us that's part of it you gotta like this well I mean it's not even my decision anyway also turned it well right he turned down that big Phillies deal then they said okay we gotta Trajan any mighty mite it turns out a part because he had like towns possible well I think it's likely well you also have like the Phillies organization never competing sure you know he's got to go to the try to beat Maddux Smoltz and Glavin he's got Manny moe and Jack page I'm a doctor every other than show don't you think that your you you've you've been a huge Iverson guy yeah you know on yeah they're here don't you think that part I mean here's a guy who got to the finals once one one finals game obviously had a way shorter career and achieved a way less than he ever should have given his his talent how good he was don't you think that who he was as a guy makes you like him more yes but if I didn't vote hi to put him above Steve Carlton I don't put him above Eric Lindros so here's the thing yes Mike I'm a very objective guy when I'm put together my poll and I think there's a lack of objectivity here were people are leaning into this connection thing and it's I mean look there's like I think doc is going to end up in the top five I don't know but I put talk between eleven and fifteen and I just that would be a case study of emotional connectivity leading to irrational voting well you not having dark top ten we're doing we're asking if John marks is a Philly guy I think the question might be answered a camera at Philly hosting never come from Philly how old are you hello the forty two so hopefully by the time you're fifty or so you become a human and you understand emotion we properly jazz there's a lot of emotions right yeah it has a really wide against white yes so I guess that's what what would you who would be your guy or your top five for top you know athletes to Philly athletes last fifty years so I haven't done my list I think it's sort of on my my votes don't count and I don't want to influence anybody the only thing that anybody's asked me is who is my number one of my number one is Nick Foles well that's ridiculous it's it's not really it's obvious I think to me I think like I think when you look in the history of Philadelphia sports there is one game that is the most important game and that is the eagles winning the Super Bowl and he didn't just happen to be there he played a perfect game after playing a nearly perfect game against the Vikings also has the record for most touchdowns in a game the record for most completions in a game was a Pro Bowl MVP like if you if I if I gave you all these facts and I was saying this to Ike if you just come back from Mars you're Philadelphian I gave you all these facts about Foles up until that point I said and oh by the way he outdueled Tom Brady in the Superbowl to win Super Bowl MVP for the eagles first Superbowl you said this guy should it is one of the greatest of all time he follows that you should have Corey Clement your it gives a great cats I'm Matt stairs top twenty look at but the match there's a masters moment is great but it is not in the same league as the false moment yeah I isn't I don't know I'm L. as in Agra learn your top twenty I'm not the same not the same but but remember there was one guy that through all of those passes one guy Julie just because you you you're for your plants feeling lawyers Rayburn yeah right bird basketball so I suppose it I saw it again but snapped a maul the ball like the the NBA stuff we're we're here in some some dissatisfaction from players are not on the record yet but obviously some guys are thrilled given some info to Welsh ager would ask reporting you know consternation are you concerned at all and like don't you think that the players a little late to the party to express this after their darted in agreement yeah I I think the this are are seeing the results for that look we all agree to terms of service on our phones without reading them right we all you know and you know you guys are union I don't know if you read your entire contract before something gets ratified your even your own contract and I think what happened was the NBA and the Players Association came up with this agreement and many of the players did not look at the agreement and they are reading it in in in you know in the media just like we are false and that yeah I I agree with you and they're like I'm finally maybe Chris Paul's fault if you didn't like really grab the guys and say Hey guys gonna vote let's let's really know what we're voting by the way and this is the problem with having star level players as the representation for the union in the in that negotiations because the star level player who by the way on a playoff team isn't going to care in the same way that you know a a minimum guy who happened to be in Orlando or on the magic or something is going to care in the same way so I don't think there's any chance or any rest I just think that there and I think what's interesting it isn't their safety that they're worried about they just don't want to be like not be able to leave Disney world for two months and that's why the NBA yesterday came out with their with their fact that said Hey guys fourteen twenty two teams you guys will be out within fifty three days so it's not that bad like well the fact that we you know I mean come on now I mean what what is what is this I just let's talk about some Sixers yeah as we certainly hope to have them back as well playable expected this format in Orlando help or hurt the Sixers well I don't think I think this is bad for the Sixers I I mean Joe like yeah yeah his jokes you know what happened what Joe does with this is you know how for you as in years and years and F. L. teams didn't go for it on fourth down because what they thought about was well what if I don't get it they didn't think about what the advantages where if they do get it so what Joe is it Joe is thinking about the Sixers in a vacuum and he's saying here is why it's good for the Sixers but they're not he's not thinking about it is what is it also good for every other team in the exact same way not the water bodies about why because they would have had home court advantage okay but wait with with things called fans and now they don't right but they were what what was the record on the road Joe well let's get out better as above average above average the work like they should have it one of the best records in the rain twenty nine and they have the five and then they lost three times at home you don't think this hurts the Milwaukee Bucks a no lose game one no seven office out I'll tell you this.

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