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I don't know because I logged in. I understand exactly then. I'd like to say in the morning to the artists who brought us the artwork for episode number where we one thousand two hundred forty two. Now let me bring up our little show notes page here this art while the title of the show was smoking hot. This art done by Nick. The rat really moved people's emotions. And when does that it's genius? He had the handcuffs the two arms of the handcuffs. And the mask in the middle of the handcuffs. As if you're being shackled by the mask it was a dynamite piece. I there was no question. I think that this and people responded to it. It was an excellent Pieces symbolic art and we had. There was a lot of pieces a lot. A lot of pieces for some reason like a lot and I would say a special commendation to comic strip blogger who did his rendition of the National Black Journalists Association recall. It's the he all. Yes if you WANNA see it. Go look at this. He does these. Everyone's interested appreciate. It did it because he knew that. No way of getting this picked but a man. It certainly gave me joy so thank you for that. Be above all thank you nick. The rat when it comes in and does it. He does it right. No Agenda Art Generator Dot Com. Please go have a look at all of the fantastic different submissions. And if you want to you can join into. It's tough because artists have stuff done by the end of the show. We pick the art probably about fifty minutes after we're done after you know cleaning up the opening and the closing of the show and doing the credits were right into that. So it's an amazing thing that they do fantastic value for the show as one of the few podcast anywhere in the world. That has fresh album art for every episode. No Agenda Generator Com. Thank you know agenda. Art Generator Dot Com. Thank you nick. Time code for that got it. We do have few people twelve forty three. And I'm GonNa have you read because you read part of this not already and you know where you read where you didn't read. This is from Sir. Markelle an dame Astra Duke and Duchess of Japan and all the disputed islands of the Japanese see and they came up with thirty three dollars and thirty cents and with a whole bunch of Nice pictures of themselves their staff. They are wearing masks and bragging. A ball yes dear John Adam. Thank you for your courage. The last few months of your virus deconstruction has been the best. I want to give an update from the frontline here in Japan. We have dodged the bullet so far and have only seven hundred and thirty nine deaths for a population of over one hundred and twenty six million. That's five point. Eight deaths per million compared that to the US with two hundred sixty seven deaths per million of course that includes people.

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