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The tenant the five the ball rolls in the end zone ohio state recovers northwestern goes from covering two losing not cover zavalza that when hurt and then the other one 1987 covington heiberg's a shaw high they championship stephen smith goes on to play this damper the quarterback my brought my covering are fighting lions against shaw shaw in ryan clark reminds me of this every time i see him he's pride of shaw high schools well they're quarterback some dude named vance joseph whereas vance joseph now macos within the broncos he be cutting ten i it's neat janati id eighty seven accounts things that is there a two for me involving threeday advance the oath of denver broncos afc championship game jiang were seventy 1999 new york jets at denver they pretend nothing mean the third quarter of thinking of finally going to be able to see the jets play in a super bowl because the last night they were in a super bowl i was three years of age i have no recollection of that the broncos every twenty two twenty point third quarter they went 23 detained you're talking about never getting over that that's one baath by team that i've been involved in that i'm never ever going to get over that because i think the jets jets never gonna make a through ball in my lifetime or my grandkids lifetimes as a person playing a sport senior year plane emmannce university in football the and without thirty three fourteen in the fourth quarter we can all the way back to take the lead all now thirty six thirty four now wait against cooks now the home of andre reid was the probowl hall of fame the pride of goods now they come down they attempted game when a field goal we tipped the ball and it goes over the crossbar with seven seconds the play we lose the un that's at off after coming all the way back to take a lead in our home field we were that growth of blocking that having a comeback for the ages so j rhodes the next what's in all night wagle coroner 3 freddie fits in the mighty espn radio take clear idea god bless the it was.

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