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Doctor Newman discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


The neck forehead and hands doctor Newman what causes the skin to break down with age changes that we start to look on our skin starts actually in our twenties where we get sun damage and the effects of pollution and our environment starts to cause our skin to age and we start to break down the college and the last thing and we get glycation which is the sugar that we eat get stuck within the collagen fiber that makes our skin inflexible they luminous skin care line does two things one it has a repetitive effect so it makes the skin look and feel much better softer and supple and more young and this move but it also is preventative so it prevents the skin from the breakdown and the damage that we get from the sun and from their vitamins and from sugars that we have in our body thank you doctor Newman for several years we have offered luminous products and decided a price reduction.

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