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Newsroom and Lorie Brooks what are you working on for this hour well you know how we've talked before about pets and the opioid epidemic and about how for example a pet owners might be not being so go ahead they're hurting their pets for opioids their drug seeking one state has actually done a study on this so we can now put a number to one st how what percentage of people in their population are doing this to their pets okay this is this is very distressing news for me anybody that comes to your clinic looking for opioids for themselves and I never had anyone hurt their pet that I know of but I've had some individuals excessively Phil Medicine and it led to couple changes in our office. I can tell you it's just kind of how we deal with it I I don't carry a lot of opioids for outpatient us so I actually script those to an outside pharmacy and then they're under the observation of the DA so it kind of takes that kind of off my shelf and then it is supervised by the federal authorities so if they were doing that and they're also buying themselves that would kind of flag so do you have any not that while they're not harming their pet they may be taking their medicine and all of a sudden you know they they forgot their medicine elsewhere left it or dropped it or you know need get it refilled Asap you know I think some of those situations give them better thatta the doubt but there are some times over the years where I've had someone come in before that prescription should have run out and there are already refilling it and those are the ones that I usually say you know what I can fill this and then when you put it through an outside pharmacy they will not refill it before that time time they say sorry but if you go to your veterinarian you know you may have a sob story one week the next week and other so that's that's just how I've found stay on top of that and not become part of that cycle more on that just a couple of minutes with Lorie Brooks said the bottom of this hour with our news do that at the bottom of each hour okay coming up after the news the guest we've all been waiting for Bart Jansen the guy who maybe helicopter out of his deceased Kitty okay so whether or not you think that's a good thing or a bad thing stick around because this guy is one class Act Vinnie Penn here match on Animal Radio Your Resident Party animal the topic Du Jour or dare I get cheeky and say a pet peeve of mine when that friend of yours that you haven't seen in years a girlfriend of mine came up to me recently and said do you want to see a p. I showed her pictures of my kids and she said you want to see a picture of hi kids and she pulls out a photograph of two dogs I don't know that there's anything more frustrating than I get the sentiment of the couple whose decided against having children but to get a dog together in regard that as that's our child and to regard it seriously that's our kids chip an eagle don't they're not your kids I'm all for treating the pet like member of the two dogs in my lifetime and absolutely were members of our family they were man's best friend I am down with all of that but they are not your children as a father I take now why it's so silly now granted I dated a few girls and the day where I could have had children with them and they would have been dogs yeah I get all of that but to do that to show that photo and say dead serious these are our children we love them like you love your own children no you don't. no you don't because my kids would never have that tartar build up on their teeth Vinnie Penn party animal animal radio take it to a whole new level in fact so little is known about the romantic life of pandas that a TV team from England set out to find out what really goes on in closed doors or at least behind all that bamboo pandas live by themselves and only come together during mating season so they're really private and hard to get close to the film crew had to be extremely quiet the program wild China shows Pinhas in an altogether different light than the shy placid bears you might see in a zoo the usually silent male pandas were seen barking and shouting one producer described it as to buck as from Star Wars in a bar fight over a female panda swaying back and forth in a.

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