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Here a couple of people talking about the high of the monthly candle now 'cause. . We are in November, , now and <hes>. . Yeah it month all of Taiba Twenty five percent can't come plane with. . <hes> some pretty happy with that the weekly, , of course, , looking beautiful rot. . Now, , the way clearly is about to close in five minutes Montagne. . And if it stays as he's right now it will close up five point three percent notice big away laws wake the no wake in the right direction dilates look it's not over extended. . Now a the moving average having court. . Out We did pull up through fourteen thousand. . But? ? Filed a hold fouled to stay above and I was a real wicky taught break. . It didn't really dealt with. . Excuse me much confidence. . Ward down. . Didn't break with much confidence at all so Yeah. . Look I'm into the modern <hes>. . Certainly, we , could say bitcoin continue to claw. . To. . Be a crazy person would suggest that that's not lyles are not possible. . Sites. . We hang up hanging up pretty high, , and we haven't seen proba pullback. . On the daily alway clear for quite some time that look we could continue to keep on moving out. . Let's let's take ourselves back to that sort of. . Projection run of two, , thousand, , nineteen, , where we you know we we saw massive moving. . We saw many strong wakes, , but that was also pulled back I mean we saw in on the twenty ninth. . Of April the Sixth of my thirteenth May and the nineteenth. . Sorry Mike, , we sort go up. . That was full wakes. . Aquatic strong move there as well that that full-week move let me just take from those full weeks with seventy one percent now for. . The loss of five weeks sammy seen a thirty percent Mussa note is big percentage. . Wise. . that. . We pulled back into the trials on a little bit on that <hes> Waco game back in June, , and then we shot back up headed tools that fourteen thousand dollar mock. . So I am. . I'm not thinking about this I'm just watching. . What the bucket is providing me and saying, , is there anything there that is signal to make to be more bullish bearish right now longtime on bullish meeting Tim on bullish. . Oliver the four out there highlights and they're all higher highs. . So I can't really can't build Germany cases being short right now the the one out can look we do have some resistance at thirteen, , thousand, , nine, , hundred, , seventy, , two. . Two test but did push down low just recently where are we today with Bitcon? We'll ? close down point three percent at thirteen, , thousand, , seven, , hundred, , and fifty one dollars. . So Guy, , it's pretty happy days right now theorem at an Oscar push-up es died. . Broadcast through the resistance level that which was was that three hundred, ninety, , , four region and will have to wait and see if we can break above that a guy. . Now, , there is a two-day candidates also quite bullish. . This I'm keeping a close on Theorem as well. . It's broken out this morning through the to test level of Wa- on full, , which was a guy in the level I said before this is a law time from him looking and I will be <hes> provided that the simplicity kicks continues I will be looking for for long try on a theory. . On looking quite NAS as a trend there. . Needs to settle itself a bit more three, , hundred, , Ninety, , seven, , thirty, , four now, , which represents two point seven percent up. . Except pay also cheaper, , we mentioned the weekly the on a theory as well. . It was actually down two point, , two percent at the moment. . Noah nearest bullish. . Well, , Bitcoin has course nothing really has banked buffet. . Ex pays close awake daffy five point two. . Point three percent at twenty four cents on the nose is a really horrible looking child's up point one percent now twenty four cents flat nothing to speak overwrought their bitcoin cash. . All Of that to seven fog level. . Again, , guidance going to close down one point, , two percent as we are about to close rods. . Now it's up two point, , two percent today. . The WACO is going to. . Finish in the red, , not much to go on their dialect low to mid timeframes on Bitcoin Cash Ignatz break, , two, , seven five and ultimately Nacer to Eddie one get to a new hire high. . That's listening back the WHA one at the Bay of me to be trading. . The why the trade now come on the lot coin hair gyn loss wake you know the cracking wait twenty, three , percent or the week before the week just gone down five point five percent on the daily has just closed right now. . It closed down. . Yeah. . It was basically flat on the Diet that was nothing really speak of it is a level at fifty six dollars and forty five cents of keeping a close eye on. . And Lot, , coin as well on the tonight. . There is a bullish candidate right there on that today on keeping a close on that as well. . Why? ? Well because it's in the cradle Zion and it looks pretty dont strong at the moment. . So keeping. . That in my watch list today looking for long opportunities that

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