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The secretary special committee we have the investigative activities of this committee as well as the the Senate commerce committee and then also the DOT IG report all of these things including our own internal analysis will help us get to the right answer and that's what we look forward to working with you on the Jetta report really comes down to if you if you take all of the twelve recommendations it really comes down to three things and that is a holistic group approach rather than okay I'll follow this rule you know and and work down work down the checklist more transactional was the word that I use in aircraft design a a more effective integration of human factors considerations throughout the design of the aircraft and not just building the machine and then figuring out how to operate on the and that's simplistic that's not how the process works today but that is an end of the spectrum that maybe we need to move a little more closely to what I've described with a more integrated human factors approach and then there are some some shortcomings that have been identified that I've seen in our various offices within the manufacture communicate with each other and then the entities within within the FAA I think we need to bowls for systems engineering expertise we don't build the airplane we just need to oversee the process by which the manufacturer builds your point and to that system engineering expertise is very important to understand how you know all these these systems interact and then also project management discipline because these certification projects take place over multiple years and if you look at the continuing operational safety of of of a fleet you're talking about a product that's going to be out there for maybe a thirty five to fifty years okay from from the one I interrupt you also I want to ask you knowing that our products will be used across the world often in places that we are not able to regulate how can we continue to improve safety standards across aviation as a whole well that's a that's a great question and something that is of great interest to me again there are ways that we can work through I KO and other ways that we can work out bilaterally originally but we also need to take a look at you know what are the responsibilities when you're when you're on a developing and selling a product around the world not just with for U. S. manufacturer but for all the certification authorities that what that we talked about and how do you take those issues into account and does the manufacturer need to be looking at who the customer as in terms of what the what the what the supporters on I thank them for life I thank the gentleman for sensor and just back for four minutes to the to the terror man you know I can't believe it but I still think this is incredibly critical issue in response to rep Johnson you said the result wasn't satisfactory and again I want to really track how that was utilized in the decision making process because yes you issued an airworthiness directive but that was the month before then you get the terror which is a wait a minute we're gonna lose fifteen of these planes and you just said thirty to thirty five to fifty years but when within thirty five to fifty years and unfortunately was within five months I think was way less than satisfactory it was catastrophic so committee chaired Democrat organs of Oregon representative Peter DeFazio we would turn to a Sean Patrick Maloney thank you Mister chairman Mister Dixon do you know who ed Pearson is I have not met him personally but I know I know of him and you understand he was the senior manager Boeing seven thirty seven Renton Washington plan right yes I do understand you ever saw production for the seven thirty seven final assembly yes and a moment ago when you're responding my colleagues questions you can bring yourself to say that the FAA made any mistakes here I know use different language I think so it's feel better if you show a little more passion for this server so only be another opportunity this I know you knew that he wrote to you the mist appears a roti once in September of but but in fact he wrote you three times Sir he wrote in September he wrote in October any roti in November and I know you just got on the job but he did just write you letters he sent you extensive information didn't answer yeah on on production problems that he identified at the written facility yes so my question to you is heavy interviewed Mister Pearson we have reached out to Mr person to schedule that's not my question have you interviewed one no the way of contacting him yes so I don't know if I'm not shooting he's sitting right over there will you commit as we sit here today the jewel interview Mister Pearson absolutely what you what you investigate the production problems at the rental facility yes have you done so to date I know that there's ongoing activity through our our our oversight Sir Sir I'm sorry that's not good enough you get a bunch of people over here lost love ones come on have you have you to date investigated production problems at the written facility I believe we have I'm not aware of the details well let's talk about that you got any information that Mister Lawrence have you interviewed production line workers a written yes we have how many I cannot give you a specific number we do have open investigations on the production of the seventies it more than five I I would not quota number without going back to my investigators to give you the exact so is present in either of you have any specific information about whether you actually interviewed production workers it ran I mean I I know you say you think you have a nice day to look into it so we're sitting here and here in the United States Congress even on the job for a while now I think it is the most important thing on your plate fair to say right absolutely so so are we going to interview the production workers at the rent facility is it going to be a real thing can get can you come to us and give us some answers to what you're actually going to dig into because we know this wasn't just a software problem right we know as a hardware problem and and you got a guy who wrote you detailed information who who who served at the plant as the senior managers who who served thirty years in the navy before that Naval Academy grad knows what he's talking about couldn't get an answer to three detailed letters he sent you never interviewed him as we sit here and and honestly it be great if you had some specifics on what you've done to look at the production problems at that facility can you shed any light on that for us you have my commitment that we are looking into those problems and we will continue to do so but you don't know what do you you don't know how many workers even if you not if it's not sitting here today no this Lawrence we have interviewed workers and we can provide those for questions for the record afterwards have you we reviewed I'd appreciate that have you reviewed quality and production records from the facility yes we have which tell us about the I'm their ongoing investigations and again we you know we can look at providing additional investigative reports at the appropriate time so you can't tell us anything about whether you've learned anything as we sit here about whether production problems so detailed in great detail by Mr peers in the letters he sent to you now months ago I mean are you aware that for months before the first crash you brought these problems the bones tension you where that gentleman for months I know that there were a yes the concerns raised yeah that's right and you understand that after the line air crash he went up and down the chain at Boeing what the CEO he was the general counsel went to the border you wear that you send them letters to yes all the same things and you know they did they sat on it until the second plane crash that's what happened a bunch more people lost their lives so those pictures are right over there and as we're sitting here now a year later and either of you can tell me whether you got anything specific on the production problems that he identified four months before the first crash so I'm gonna give you again give me another chance Mister Dixon has the FAA made any mistakes here I think that's I think that's evident that we we've got issues that I need to address and that our team needs to address and that we have processes that need to be improved so I would agree with you you can't say that were mistaken well that I was getting your in onion you lived there I don't want to blame other I don't again I claim Sir it's about accountability we're not trying okay again I'm accountable well I I hold myself accountable can you say that the FAA made a mistake in not taking seriously Mr Pearson's concerns in a timely way we are taking the can we are taking all concerns any concerns that are raised we are going to take us seriously and run underground in a systematic way so that we can make the right decisions if I thank the donors question and I would just as very quickly given the investigation which you tell us is on going of the production issues how will that be completed and instruct you in terms of whether or not the plane is allowed to fly and under what conditions allowed to fly in what conditions of inspection will be mandated on these planes before it's allowed to fly we will I'm one thing that I can add is we have retained their reading this certificate issuing their when their certificates and so the FAA will be doing that this time Lawrence it is not going to be part of the following system so we will be doing that ourselves to assure that they are in airworthy condition before any our returns are aren't thank you miss meadows thank you Mister chairman visual arts I'm going to follow up on something that Mister Maloney just shared because I think it's important that we get to the bottom of this is it reasonable to expect that in the next sixty days that you can interview an additional ten line workers at the facility I'm whatever it wherever they investing all right well I'll make I'll make it harder than it was a softball yeah so I'm I'm yeah I'm gonna throw inside pitch bye guys interview at least ten people and report back to this committee do I have your commitment to do that yes you do all right Mister Dixon I'm I'm going to come to you because a you've obviously been advised by counsel or somebody to not admit that yes the FAA made a mistake and and I'm I'm just giving you your counsel is giving you bad advice North Carolina Republican mark meadows did the FAA at some point in this process make a mistake yes thank you yeah yeah my my only again my only I just.

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