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Lacquers thing. They just watched that movie. I, I think we talked about maybe last week on the show I believe we do. Okay. And how'd you like it by the way? It's an incredible. We talked about Romeo and Juliet and all that. Yeah. Okay. The immortal Bard. Yes, William Shakespeare. So okay, that's not negotiable. We want you to play two sets to ninety minutes at they have to be difference on. You could probably requests all of our requests. You can probably do. You can probably repeat a closer that's that's about it that we want him to be here Sedgwick. The closer, yes. Is Tom Selleck get involved as then are coming out. Curious, introducing set one, Tom Selleck set to, and then also non-negotiable also negotiable we need at the end of the show, we need you to be replace some of the lyrics of it's the end of the world as you know, to be Kira Sedgwick. Yeah, Tom Celik, they rhyme. So that's, you know, the other night I dreamt of knives, continental drift defied mountain said in a line, curious, Sedgwick, Tom sat lick, and then it's Leonard Bresnan, Lenny, Bruce and Lester bangs birthday party. Cheesecake jelly bean. Tom Selleck TOMS out. Yeah, exactly. And we want both of them to come out from either side of the stage and we'll, I mean, I'll do a makeshift stage. It will probably be some milk crates with like some. Some, you know would on top some two by fours or something. We'll Tom Selleck has his own special effects team. That's true. We want them to come out from opposite ends of the stage while you guys are on and they need to look at each other. Like, what are you? You're the, but I heard the Cl, and then they look out and smile and say to closers, guy's hands up. If you just a little bit of visual description here when Scott said to closers, guys, hands are up in the air as if to say, oh, well, could've expected this. So then everyone applauds standing ovation. Yeah. And then and then you guys launch back into the song, but before you launch back into the song, we need to full minutes of silence. Yes, for for the whatever's going. Whatever is happening. We don't want to predict whatever's happening whatever month something something going on. Yeah, definitely. That's all we need. That's all we need and we set is at least one hundred minutes long. Oh, a hundred. Yeah. I was gonna say ninety one hundred 's better. It's a nice. It's a round around number divide into it. So for saying we song as five minutes songs too many songs. We want you play the songs fast. That's the other thing. Yeah. Like your longest song is probably leave from adventures? Probably. Yeah. I think it's like seven minutes. We played three times as fast, so it's two minutes full song just exactly don't cut out any verses. Don't cut out any instrumental parts, but two minutes. That's how long we needed non-negotiable negotiable. So anyway, guys, that's what we need from you. And hopefully it'll happen by next week because next week I believe is our final episode. Yeah, that'd be great. That'd be great. Thanks guys. All right. Continuing in the mail bag. We have Atta Miller scentists something under the nom diplom- of Carl's junior. Santa's a a nice little trophy for best domestic REM themed podcast. Why he got throat domestic in there. Why? So many qualifiers multiple host category, another qualifier second quarter of twenty eighteen. This is a lot second quarter. Yeah. Oh, in wait, you one Adam Quadra. Can I see? Yeah, it's not even. It's actually court Darrow oh, is it correct deal? But just like all right. Well, thank you to Adam. Well, this is this is I mean you definitely spent upwards of two dollars on that. So thank you so much. This is the most qualified of honors I've ever seen yet six best REM themed podcast, multiple host categories second quarter, two thousand eighteen out of Cordero and I didn't even co win it. You're the winner of it..

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