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Only social activity that I often have is the gem and now they've closed the Jim how which sucks. Because I really was getting to a place where you know. I was feeling really physically better than I felt in a law years. Just I my muscle tone is coming back and I was able to actually participate in all of the activities in my kick boxing class. Yoga like I just. Oh it's so disappointing. But guess what Youtube. Oh my gosh. Youtube Yoga with Adrian. Everybody tune in to this beautiful lovely woman Yoga with Adrian. She has some really lovely yoga. You can do it in your living room. It's just as good as a regular instructor the benefit for me of doing it at the gym. Instead of with Yoga with Adrian is that I often will blow it off if it is not at a specific time at a specific day. That's another big tip that I'll give you a someone who has worked from home for eighteen years routine maters routine matters. It matters that you get up at the same time every day. It matters that you go to bed at the same time every day. It matters that you eat at the same time every day. It matters that you exercise at the same time every day. It matters that you keep a rhythm. Healthy bodies healthy brains thrive on rhythm novelty. It's not really great for the brain. The brain just loves repetition. It loves habit. That's why it's so hard to break. An addiction is because we thrive in environments with habits. We thrive on repetition. The less choices you have to make the better right. One thing that I've learned about getting quiet with yourself making your life runs smoothly with as little upset as possible. It's all about reducing the number of choices that you make by creating almost everything into a habit pattern reducing the number of choices that you have to make is all about increasing habits and not changing the pattern right so you just do everything at the same time every day. And you're GONNA be fine. I get up at seven. Am I go to bed at ten o'clock? Us apples reminder alarm technology to sort of track that and monitor that you watch the same shows right like youtube now. They put shows once a week. A lot of these places and it's actually pretty healthy to tune in when that's happening because it gives you something your body something ground on right to watch a YOUTUBE VIDEO. You can watch it anytime. Yes but also if you watch it at the time of release. There's something about that. Ground Zero so keeping routine is really key to being home and not going mad Especially in terms of exercise. Sleeping Waking eating going to pad meditating all of those like the more rhythm you can put in your life the better you will fare daring a quarantine Getting dressed every day when I go out in public look really cute and I tell people I'm not dressing up for other people. I'm dressing up for myself and I mean that and when I say I mean I mean if I don't go anywhere and remember I can spend five days by myself without seeing another human being most of the time I am not spending those five days with like ratty hair schlumpy Dinka style in the whole first of all. Don't even have clothes that have holes in them. Get rid of those and fires off some decent clothes. You don't have to have a ton of clothes but the closets you do have. They should be comfortable. They should be attractive. They should make you feel good. I dress according to how I wanNA feel now as a reflection of my feelings because I promise you I guarantee you I swear to you that if you put on a bright orange beautiful shirt you will feel happier more optimistic more excited more likely to laugh more whimsical than if you put on a black shirt. I guarantee it. Try Me test it chat. Take the challenge so I dressed in my home. If I'm never going to go anywhere I dress up as if I want to be the brightest most glowing thing in the room because it changes the way that I feel. I promise you if you are putting on the prettiest clothes every day though most colorful every day in quarantine you will feel happier than the person who is putting on black sweatpants and black sweatshop. I promise you it's true so caller in my home on my body in my lipstick in my Nail Polish. It has a very significant impact. A very significant impact on my emotional and mental health and wellbeing very significant. I do not put on Schlumpy. Dinka garbage to go to the gym. I put on a cute top to go to the gym. It matters mice. Sneakers are the brightest orange you ever saw and it's not so that other people can judge me as attractive is because I have to look at myself in the mirror. Try Me if you want to improve your sanity during quarantine. Put your prettiest clothes on. I mean all summer long. I wear pretty sundresses. It takes so much time for me to throw a sundress over my head. Then it does to wear crappy sweatpants and yet people think I am spending time and energy on it. I am spending time in energy being selective with what I buy so that when I wear it it feels really comfortable and it also looks really fun and cute and pretty and colorful. You can be very comfortable and still be very attractive and fashionable right now. I have discovered how to basically where pajamas twenty four hours of day. That make me look really dressed up right so like I got. I JUST. I have a lot of different textures of pants that are. They're not like sweatpants or exercise pants. But they're like velvet velour Kinda pants and I've got these pants that are like these flow. Eat dresses there in bright colors or read or what they're very bright colored and they're very pretty they're very attractive and I would wear them in public and they're also fit like one pair. Actually is a pair of Pajama Pants. Straight UP I get compliments on those pants every time I go out and it's not because I'm too lazy to put on Pajamas. It's because my pajamas. Make me feel good. I bought pajamas that I like enough to wear out in public. Imagine that so. Do not think that your clothes are not colorful. Because they're more comfortable. They're not I promise you at guarantee it if you're gonNA put on any kind of lip moisture stuff. It takes less time for me to put on the lipstick. I use that stays on all day long than it does for you. To put your chapstick on twelve times a day which actually has a chemical that makes her lips peel off. That's why they feel smooth. It's because the chemical is drying out the surface of your lips and peeling it off all day long. It's not because you're actually getting moisture but I put on a cover for all color. Stay eight under eight bucks in the morning and is sometimes we'll have it on the next morning people think. I put lipstick on to go to the gym and sometimes I do but often. It's just the lipstick from yesterday. It's just a stain if you your lips with your toothbrush or some kind of hand expoliation then. Your lipstick will stay on all day. If it's a stain light covergirl colorstay anyway. My point is how you look will affect how you feel in his quarantine. I guarantee it if you do nothing else for yourself. Put on some lipstick. Brush out your hair. Put a pretty hair thing on. I wear a lot of jewelry for energetic reasons. So I have certain crystals I have certain a ring some eerie. I'm conscious of what I'm wearing every day. Even if I never leave. The House am conscious of what I'm wearing. I want the energy of this ring because it makes me feel wealthy. I want to wear these earrings because they were my grandmother's I am wearing this shirt today. A very cute bright pink shirt today that my grandmother owned and I got it after she died in. Whatever chain of inheritance that happened it ended up in my closet and today I do. I want to wear like a bright pink and I'm wearing a very pretty awkward teal colored pants that wear like a skirt right so I look very cute. I've got jewelry on. It took less than five minutes to make it happen all day long. I feel good so coloring being careful about what you arch on TV Wearing what feels good making sure you do things at the same time every day and just get into a rhythm. Go outside this I have to remind myself to do like. This is actually one of the harder ones for me to remember to do to keep myself on track doing is going outside because it's Colorado so there are months and we're just moving out of those months where I don't want to be outside. It's cold it's grows. I hate it. I don't like being cold. I don't WanNa be out there like I am not a skier. This does not feel like go outside whether to me but it's march and I can put on a coat and I can go out into the sunshine like just being outside. There is a science that says that's GonNa feel better to you. It just is get outside so I am committing to getting outside every single day whether that's to sit on my porch in the sunshine or actually now it's going to have to be walking because the closed the gym so I'm GonNa have to make sure that I'm getting a good hour of walking outside or watching Yoga with Adrian on Youtube. That will keep me in my aerobic and my mindful exercise. Y'All if you've never done yoga that shit is hard. If you WANNA talk about strength training I get more strength training from Yoga than I do. My regular kickboxing practice and go to a hardcore kick boxing class. It's no joke. I take a lot of modifications because it's really hard but I I was harder. It was harder than kickboxing. Because you're you're you're doing things that require your brain so Yoga's beautiful for your brain as well because if you WANNA get your brain to a place non thought which is very restful very restful for your brain to get to a place of non non thought which is one of the benefits of meditation is to get your brain to a place of non Is Rest will. Yoga will get you there because if your mind wanders then you will fall down. So Yoga is a great practice in terms of movement. Meditation and I very much believe in movement meditation. Al- exercise is meditation. It's movement meditation. Especially exercise like or walking or by creating or kick boxing or yoga or all the other exercises. I don't know as much about like weight lifting as meditation but I'm sure that it is. It moves things around in your brain. It gives your brain all kinds of positive chemicals right so just like watching the news. It's really bad for your brain because of the chemicals exercises really good for your brain because of different chemicals and it does get your brain to a place of rest because your body is so physically strained. You have to focus on that. Which means that. You can't keep thinking about that fight you had last week with your friend or that that thing that your boss said to. You can't keep thinking about that in the same way and if you are thinking about that while you exercise it helps your body release. That right in helps your body release. That so movement is huge. And now I WANNA talk to you about the weirdest one like the weirdest weirdest thing I have discovered in a long time is a s. m. r. m. are now this is a youtube phenomenon. It's new. I'm not even sure they knew this was a thing that happens with brains before Youtube. But some how people started putting videos of really solo non non interesting totally ward Inari activity and it started to catch on and so now it's like a whole thing a. s. m. r. I didn't look that up specifically for you to know what that means. Basically your brain has a response to witnessing. Certain sounds activities visuals And the brain response is called. As Mr Rate and get tingles you know that really really good feeling like maybe you could experience it right now. If you just take the inside of your arm and just very slowly tickle just slowly all on your arm on the inside. Tickle tickle tickle tickle tickle you might have gotten a tingle or just like other calming sensation I just got a very calming sensation. It's just such a delicate little feeling. You know like but it's it's a really good one. It's a really good feeling so I I have discovered that my brain is very responsive to and it's the first time I think that I've really understood that it's possible to think nothing to have no thought to reach state of non thought and I I. I have meditated for eighteen years all right like I have meditated. It is part of my practice. I continue to do it stubbornly And I have seen benefits of course over time but I have never been able to reach a consistent non thought state but I can't do that with Asmar. My favorites are whispering touch. I like to watch other. People get touched. Isn't that fun? I think it has something very much to do with like a maternal need that we have as humans regardless of how well we were parented or mother we all have this need to be nurtured and Sometimes we don't have that I remember. Gosh I remember after might to force I had not had touch like or really trusting positive touch for so long that I would go to yoga and at the very end. This teacher would touch me just on the forehead with a an essential oil like the lightest touch like the just almost nothing and it would make me weep because there are things that we need fundamentally and maybe they aren't present in our life but I now through some are that you can get them even if you are alone in your house so watching. Someone get a massage hair brushing they do..

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