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It's GonNa be like there'd be like Brett you'll just a really solid tag team that people love and if they go singles we will still love him. the net takes us to. Nfc TAKE CHICAGO ON. May Twentieth two thousand seventeen at that point. I remember feeling like as I said before that this split was going to happen and That this did happen in a very classic match and attacked him ladder match they They lose two. Gop The night before to Moscow Champa gets injured at a live event. More on that in just a second and The closing sequence of that night with DIY even though they lost getting a resounding an amount of affection from the fans in Chicago that night a very classic event by the way and exceed takeover. Chicago back in two thousand Seventeen Champa turned on our Ghana by throwing him into the led board to close out the show and just beat the crap out of them. In a shocking moment for fans at home for fans in the arena it was perfect from arresting storyline standpoint. Dr trae probably one of if not the most classic moment from this entire feud To Moscow Champa turn Johnny Gargano went throwing them into the led board. And I if I'm not mistaken and you're a little more historian than I am at times. Was this one the first house we saw the you know the little. Wwe ex-team monitor in the corner like the show when the shows ending then they stuck with it and it was like why is this taking so long and to this day. I don't know if anybody said I've always wondered what Gargano whispered in in chapel whispered and Garganas ear right but through four thousand Bailey because see that hug Gorgon CIAMPA say something to Johnny and I've always wondered is he actually saying something shoots owns a cafe as far as what he says. The Johnny right there but the This is my moment one. Is that what he says he was in his ear? Like he says this is my moment then throws him into the led board. And I remember McConnell's like what yeah throws isn't always wondered because I never heard that always wondered what he said but then he throws in the led board. The beatdown happens. And then when you find out you're second would with the the injury that trump has suffered the night before light to still do all that stuff to pull that angle off just shows what kind of love and passion that man has for wrestling and that was really one of the first true glimpses into how much that guy loves pro wrestling and how much they love each other like. It's it really is like a really bad. Like break-up like emotional love story. I mean it's it's it's Affleck in Lopez breaking up. Jeff I mean that's how I felt and takes us to our next point. Here is Tomato. Champa suffers a tornado. Acl The night before annex takeover Chicago despite wrestling the event CIAMPA did so on a Tornado C. L. and announced the injury on the May thirty first edition of Annex TV That would put him out indefinitely for the rest of the year. We wouldn't see him return until January twenty eighteen but Man This was like a Gut Punch because we got something so amazing but it may have been like the best thing to happen to it. Because they didn't shock on it they let it breathe for a little bit and allow more character depth for Johnny Gargano. Which will be our next point here but What a bunch of punch your doctor. Trae for tomorrow o. Is suffering a tornado after defining moment? Yeah I mean it. It was one of those things where you're like you get so excited for something because we see that moment and I remember you and I talking about like just after like that was amazing. That was one of the best turns we had seen in in quite a long time and this is quickly taken away from you like. Yeah that was great. But YOU'RE NOT GONNA get to see it for a while how plays out But for the fact that like I like that CIAMPA wrestled Probably was a fifteen twenty minute. Match on a torn. Acl Like that. That just still to this day. Blows me away that you can do that. Like it was just incredible in believe it was a ladder match to wasn't it? It was there was a ladder match. Like how you wrestle match with a torn. Acl just blows me away like but that's nothing but okay. This is the angle we have to do this just gut it out. And you don't do that unless what you're doing is something absolutely love. And that takes us to some of the character depth following this so Johnny Gargano then is on his own and would typically when these moments happened. It could be like a sink or swim deal for for these wrestlers because now they've lost ten momentum instead they completely one eight hundred and utilize the storyline to perfection as Johnny Gargano. Spends this time now to rediscover who? He is in an xt so the betrayal of tomato champion Annex Takeover. Chicago weighed undergone undergarments. Mind as he started to find himself. there was a losing stretch. He went on shortly thereafter such as matches to android NFC takeover Brooklyn three which was a fantastic match the moment and that one is Alina Vega throwing diy shirt at him and then towards the end of two thousand seventeen. We start seeing gyro ending up to to finally find himself in in re ref- redefining who johnny wrestling is as he ends up winning a number one contenders fatal four way match for the NFC championship by defeating Killeen Dane. Also black and Lar Sullivan. On December twenty seven th two thousand seventeen episode of annex t Gargano on Pin Alison Black. Thanks to distract from Adam Cole. Gargano all those guys. That point in time in annexed was the least likely to win and he ended up being the number one contender to face andrade. Cnn Almaz then known at the time on January twenty seventh twenty eighteen at NFC takeover Philadelphia. But I loved this character death Dr Trae because like I was a fan of Johnny Gargano then but when they started adding this like trying to find himself and how much this entire thing with Jomo CIAMPA was playing on his mind. They really went into another gear with getting fans. Truly care about Johnny Gargano. Yeah it was weird for me because I remember early on when he was first getting those first promos about. I don't know who I am. I don't know what to do. I was like man. This is just not you know. Your typical baby-faced Promo use your baby are full of positivity and energy in data and these were like kind of always me promos and a Lotta Times. Those can kind of go the wrong way. And you don't get that sympathy but then when you see those matches with. Andrade in in those matches were so damn good and it helped put Andrew O.`day over even more because there were fantastic. You know like matches the watch you start to feel like he's getting so close he so close every time And it allowed that people to kind of even get more sympathy for Gargano even after the the be doubt like you get that great turn. Were trump beats them down and usually the next time you see the baby face. I'm out for fire and Venom and I'm going to get my revenge on that guy for turning his back on me and we didn't get that it was it. You could feel the heartbreak you know. And that's not something that people can usually pull off trying to get across TV so it really did. Add that depth of character. In my time I get that fatal flaw away like you and I remember Pretty Michaud. You were like Gargoyles Brian. This massive take the pin fall because Larsen even they were building up. I don't think he had been pinned by anybody. At that point. Also black had been pinned by anybody that point and killing Dane was the beast so we all thought Gorgon was in the Mash to take the fall to put the other guys over and it completely flipped on us. in allows invest in that character. Even more let's go to January. Twenty seven twenty eight. Annex Philadelphia and the return of Tomato Champa despite the losing effort to Andrade CNN for the antics championship match a match. The year candidate in two thousand eighteen four. Johnny Oregon Gargano despite losing the NFC championship an opportunity to capture it. That evening as Ghana was leaving the ring with chance of thank you Johnnie in Philadelphia Tomasz Champa return and struck are GonNa with his crutch to close out antics he takeover Philadelphia another moment where that little credit at the end at the bottom of the corner of the screen was a plane. Great Way to close the show. Amazing Match Dr. Trade pointed out as well how much this helped elevate andrade CNN. As well. And I completely agree Gargano almost at that point in annexed prior to this feud and even the title for a frond dry were Like good good workers. But there wasn't a lot depth to them and It really elevated their game. Great match the return of Chop Dr Trae and we were full speed ahead of seen. Gargano Champa finally battle and now yeah and you go back that time with Andrade right before he got the belt. I used to call me. Gatekeeper Vinik St. Like every time they brought somebody in new they put in the Ring Andrade and it was one of these around drought. It was a good wrestler that made everybody look good and that these matches with with with Gargano leading up that one in Philadelphia elevated Andrade where people go man okay. Yeah he's ready. He's money now. You can move them up and they did shortly thereafter You know thinking back on some of this stuff here with with this return of chop and everything else remember like there was also those matches where they had on raw where we're bringing some exte- guys and deaf actor as well which I don't if that was before after this but you know that measure Philidelphia felt like Gargano Swansong in annex t like I thought legit that hey they might be moving johnny up because we go five live and it tastes the main Rosser. Maybe this is is. It was almost like this point. You had you knew CIAMPA was around but you didn't know what as we come back and it just was the perfect timing that it felt like this was johnny leaving an boom right back into the banks as the old the old Mob thing you know just what I think I'm out they pull me back in. That's how I felt to me like I thought Johnny was out and then Champa pulled him back into the pit Let's go to February two thousand eighteen now. Ciampa getting Johnny Gargano fired from annexed e. I think this is one of those moments that is often forgotten about whatever reason and I think it may have been the most the poorest way the storyline was executed was this entire firing storyline. So back on television Johnny Gargano challenges on to a rematch with the stipulation of Donald Loses. He must leave next forever. GotTa Remember Selena Vega was saying that you know we've beaten you twice already why we face again Dating back to the match. Nfc Takeover Brooklyn Three. And then the one that happened at exit takeover Philadelphia the month prior So Gargano had his t career on the line to Moscow. Champa causes interference in that match causing johnny onto lose for It's actually the fourth time and being forced to leave an xt. So at that point. Johnny Gargano had faced Andrade three times by mistake and lost him for fourth time and was no longer part of annex t thanks to to Moscow Champa which gives another famous moment during that angle where to Moscow champ is like an stands just waving goodbye to Johnny Gargano and I remember that played in in a lot of packages to open up annex t week to week so tomorrow champ again he got Johnny Gargano fired from. Nfc Dr Try Yeah. I didn't dislike as much as you did. A many because usually in WBZ with these weird random gimmicks in there like you careers are on the line. It's like Oh that just means that means giants put his colonel and he's GonNa win. They're not they're not getting rid of Gorgon..

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