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Feld when we talk about the the newspapers is if we really do need to scratch that each every time we encounter each other in the in in the radio studio oh you know you like going with brexit i think it's it's an interesting story it's story on this sunday telegraph about your skeptic fear of secret plots to stay in the eu basically what stays sorry saying is that the electoral watchdog has been handed a budget of eight hundred twenty nine thousand pounds to pay for titties relating to the european parliamentary election in two thousand nineteen that is to say two months after the uk super who have left the eu so of course the brexit is are in turmoil thing old that's the secret plot to make stay into the e you've already decided at breakfast not going to happen or not going to happen on the twin on twenty nine march one to nineteen and that's you know treason and and this kind of thing and of course the electoral commission is saying well we just put this money aside just in case we don't want to be taken into into surprise if we have to go into the election that's that's very funny because of course there's no reaction of the eu side of things i mean the eu is i mean is is married to the fact that the uk is not gonna fight the the next european election and the fact that the u k is thinking perhaps a fighting it even the brexit was voted and they are and making plans educate you exit for good is something that's going to scratch the head of many people in in brussels because that means that means that it would be a bigger bigger college voters in means that the referee of the parliament is not going to happen because you still have british emmy peas in the house so that's that's a huge story for the eu and of course the sunday the sunday telegraph is making a story about you know nothing.

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