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Hurt following a Saturday night shooting in district heights, shooting happened along Richie road around 8 o'clock, no update yet on the conditions of the three people wounded so far It may be at least October before NASA tries to send an uncrewed Artemis spacecraft to the moon. The Saturday scheduled launch of the massive rocket had to be scrubbed because of a fuel Lake, the 332 foot tall rocket taken back to the hangar for repairs. Former president Trump blasted President Biden at a campaign rally in Wilkes Barry, Pennsylvania last night, calling his successors Thursday that remarks about extremism in the GOP divisive. It was mister Trump's first campaign event since the FBI search for classified document that is Mar-a-Lago home. Stay with WTO for more on these stories in just minutes. It's three 47, a local nurse practitioner, found herself at the center of the abortion rights debate. She says she was fired for refusing to provide abortion inducing drugs, page Casey worked primarily at a CVS Health MinuteClinic in Alexandria. She says in a lawsuit CVS head for years granted her a religious accommodation based on her Catholic faith that allowed her to opt out of prescribing the drugs, but that the policy changed last year. Her legal team maintains Virginia law bars employers from taking disciplinary action against employees who object to abortion on moral or religious grounds. A CVS spokesman says the company tries to accommodate religious beliefs, but that sexual health services are an essential part of the job at minute clinics. John Aaron WTO P news. Three 48? Traffic and weather on the 8s and Carlos Ramirez in the traffic center. Thanks Ian. Unfortunately, we are still dealing with the accident seen on the northbound side of the Baltimore Washington Parkway. It's going to be just as you make your approach towards the beltway. All lanes close, it looks like you are able to access the ramp to the inner loop of the bellway so that is an option if you head down on the inner loop use four 50 to come back around and access the outer loop that way. Otherwise you will get stuck behind the accident scene itself. You can not access the outer loop either. If you're on the BW Parkway, between powder mill road and up towards the Baltimore beltway, you're doing just fine. I 95 looks good. There was a delay headed southbound after 32, whatever was causing it cleared up pretty quickly, so we like to see that. I do 70. It's up to speed from the Frederick area all the way down towards the capitol beltway, beltway traffic looking good as well. Down in Virginia, we were hearing about an accident on the southbound side of 95 near lorton. It was reported to be over on the ramp slash shoulder near the exit for lord and but they may have cleared it by now. Northbound side and 95 completely up to speed, no issues to report, as you head up towards the Springfield interchange, out of the beltway towards the Wilson bridge looks good. Hearing about an accident scene on the inner loop of the beltway near the central avenue exit, as of now looks like any delays that we had there have cleared. 50 as you had eastbound is up to speed headed past 7 O four. However, as you make your way over towards the exit for 29 a bush frontage road, sounds like we still have some crash activity on that ramp. In the district sounds like southbound three 95 and third street tunnel or rather on the outbound side of the southeast Southwest freeway, as you had passed 9 street, you're going to see some crash activity there, no delays because of it just yet, just hearing it first reports now over the

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