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A lot of problems with race in LA, but slavery never wait. It's made his way to Southern Cal. All right. Bring up at national state. I'm so over on On this this on on me. the left. Why do we have to talk about it? Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Don't do that around. Oh God, no. So the time now. Didn't know those words that words coming to your mouth. I, he'll turn. They said it was like, this is son. I don't know. Anyway, distract from a plaintiff. We're not gonna correct. You actually. And then the pizza breads, they've got the Quattro for Maggio cheesy, garlic. The barbecue chicken. I think we've all tasted all those. Let's let's talk soup. Let's pastas. Let's talk breads. Hello? What are you guys? What are you guys picks and pans, I loved. I got the seven vegetables soup. It is vegan and gluten friendly. It was delicious. It was however, mostly celery, but it was a tasty broth. I also got the broccoli and potato chowder, which I very much enjoyed. It was a little to the end. But I'm sure that it varies with your bites. Right. And I liked that had pepper because otherwise they probably would have been like that pasta way too bland. It's not. It's like something you would expect it. It's it's not too thin either. It's like it's got a good. To me, I I couldn't use. It's like, perfect. I could've used a little more cheese in that thing. Yeah, because I do like a lot of cheese in a broccoli chowder soon. Did like that. The broccoli wasn't too crunchy? Oh, yeah. If you got it like a not thoroughly cooked vegetable in a soup. It's so jarring it's so very jarring. Yeah. Yeah. So it was like the perfect like cooked consistency. I tried a little sip of the Asian ginger broth which you are parentless supposed to add stuff to. Yeah, I wanted to see if I liked the broth for what do you add to? It says you can add tofu, Bush rooms, fretted carrots, spinach, and want on strips which are, I think they're next to out. Yeah, yeah. I didn't see notice them immediately. I was like, okay, I'm gonna try the broth before. I try to add anything to didn't like the broth. I didn't. I didn't have any interest. I also got the deep cuddle house chilly, and I liked it a lot. That's a good chili and the big trunk. Chicken noodle soup is always a home run for me. The the Chili's my favorite classic deep kettle. I like to dip the various pizzas in it. So yeah, I do like all make the ads sour cream and cheese to a point where it's like basically just a cheese soup with some savory nece and then I get my pizza and dip it. So it's like dipping my pizza and cheese cheese. It was really thumbs up. Damn. And then. I usually like the French onion soup, but they don't have it there. They didn't have it there when we came. So I was really sad about that. But and then the muffins I loved both muffins that were offered blueberry and the gluten friendly lemon. Yes, thumbs up. I liked lemon better. I think you pointed out the verbiage is very, it's very particular gluten friendly. Yes, it's not actually gluten free if you are like you'll get sick, cannot go to this. The other breads they have. They have the sour dough bread. They have the corn bread, and then they have the multi grain bread. The multi grain bread, I think is pretty nice. It kinda reminds me of the Brown bread from a cheesecake factory, the corn bread, I think is there standout especially because they have this Honey, whipped butter and Honey, what better with that corn bread? I mean, it's it's it's delightful, Mitchell, Michio thoughts on the bread pizza and soup sick. All right. The bread pizza and soups at first of all, I want to say that I had a strawberry lemonade. Are you going to. Bev's. Yeah, I got the high biscuits iced tea and then also made myself Nick Weicker, which is invention a mind to St. one third lemon. And let's. Kept trying to make it stick. None of us said it. I'm gonna call it that from now on I wrote it down in a little book. So. My favorite raising. Palmer. Third spicy, you're not taking over this..

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