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It's either, it was either him or Parsons, Donald, who I think everybody thought was the best guy, but that team, whatever. So young, 13 and a half sacks, you know, they lock up Diggs. For $97 million, he has 17 interceptions in the first three years. They have some real ballers on defense. Parsons defensive player of the year is like plus four 50. I don't know why he just wouldn't be in the mix every year because he just destroys games. I mean, we're never seeing LT again, but, but things could open up. It's a semi LT ish impact and you just have a shitload of talent schedule. You play an AFC East NFC West, so you have two easy NFC West games. And then who knows, maybe someone will stink in the AFC East, but I, to me, 11 and six minimum and you're going to have games where the defense just wins the game and you don't even have to do anything. It has nothing to do with the playoffs. You know, it's like what we said about the bills, like you can be a really good regular season team. It might not mean anything, but I don't see how you're not one of the best three teams. I would have loved to have zagged against it, especially with McCarthy. Like give me the car keys. It's McCarthy time. I don't trust Dak. As you know, I thought Dak was not good last year. Do you not think he's a top eight quarterback? You wouldn't put him in your top eight. No. Really? No. Oh man. Look at his numbers. Like last year was just a weird year. I'll tell you where I had him. So I have, I have Mahomes, Mahomes, then I have eight pointers, Alan Herbert Hertzborough, six pointers, Rogers, Lamar and Lawrence. So is that, that's eight. I don't know what these are. Prescott nine. Yeah. Oh, you have nine. Okay. That's better than most. And then I have like cousins, Watson Jones, Gino Stafford right after him. Listen, he said he was slightly better than those guys. He called it out. He called the number and so far he's right. He only had like eight interceptions in preseason and practices. So good for him. No. A PF focus had him second in standard accuracy. It's so weird how people view Dak Prescott, but I think he's going to be the guy. I'm glad we haven't mentioned Trey Lance. People are losing their minds over Trey Lance, a guy who's going to be inconsequential in this, this, for this roster. Who are you competing against with the fourth round pick for Trey Lance? Who are the other teams lining up? What do you mean? Oh, why did you have to give up anything for him? I thought the Niners were gonna have to trade a pick to get rid of them cause he had like this guaranteed money. It's like picking up a piano. Like no, no, you're not going to get money for this piano. I got to take it out of your house. Right. And I have to like pay the movers to take the piano. Right. No, no, no. Actually, I'm going to also need a fourth round pick with the pianos doing you a favor. Uh, I don't, if you had to add, we talked about this on against all odds, how many over under touchdown runs for Lance though. He might be the pushy, which the Eagles, oh, you think they're going to use them in packages like really cutting him because I don't think one yard line. Yeah. Yeah. Your practice squad hero. But uh, yeah, I don't know. I could see them using him in that regard. But again, I thought Cooper rush was solid. We know he can win. We went four and one last year. It was ridiculous.

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