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Hello and welcome. I got to the hello before you because you didn't to start recording. This is true Man Well well what's up man? What'S UP DUDE? No not much just You know the thing about the interest. Now that are are harder. 'cause generally nothing and that would be happening in my wife that I could report on Chain right now. Everything's the same. Yup I I agree with that I was going. I mean all I can say is you've been looking in the shed still hot now. Wh- which is true it. Oh My dog got worms that you told me that sucks and yeah so that's gross and sock so I've been kinda taking care of her bet She's doing better. She's doing better for good and she's happy and so weird thing we have all taken taking care of. Yeah feel very weird me. What is what is you know out our guest today. We're talking about food. Yes so our good friend. Marissa Runs A instagram account. Called that she's play or cheese by numbers And She just put out a book today. Called fat cheese plate will change your life And it's a real everywhere and it is awesome her her cheese plates in credible. And this teach you how to impress your friends Before the next Eighty one twenty three best. When you have fifteen people saying your apartment you can make cheese plate from from this book and press them. Yeah we've been friends with Marissa for. I mean since our first tour. So yeah you know in. She has such a awesome story of of of just her career. And you know she worked at late night. Shows for awhile and then transitioned into making a book about cheese plate and we get into all that and I think it's really inspiring. She's she's Yeah. It was offering. Yeah awesome chat and for yeah for for any anyone trying to get into the music industry or just carve your own path for what you WanNa do with your wife Pay attention to what. Chad's to think it's a it's an inspiring so definitely Sweet when we will get into the check because it's kind of a long but it's great But Yeah I hear the message for responsive. There's so many places. Now listen to music and podcasts. The yes like page through all these different APPS now to pick what you're gonNA listen to But now on spotify. The favorite podcasts off my favorite podcasts. Yes and music to music you can get it all in one place. He has modified. Yeah you can. You can listen to podcasts on spotify without even having a premium account so if you dumb of APP free free free to listen to your favorite podcasts. It just free this one. Yes they have every type of podcast. You could want. Follow all your favorite podcast. So you don't miss an episode it'll just be in your feed premium users like me me too. I download episodes that way when I'm on a plane airplane or any new shower in the car on a road trip. I haven't podcast already downloaded. I can listen to. You can share the episodes on your instagram. That's cool she's cool. This is what I'm listening to and then you can send me. Something can cut a button and go joe. This is a new suite as podcast. Yeah so if you haven't done already dumb of the spotify APP and search for eight hundred twenty three podcasts and follow us on your library tab and it'll it'll it'll be they're also make sure to follow us. See Never Miss. An episode. Do it. I'm going to do it.

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