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You are listening to circus ringmaster James. Point Lord Ducie got upset with that one. He does not like to be challenged. That young lady needs to watch out for herself. He didn't even let her get a rebuttal in because she's about to tell where she got the information from but Lord Ducie was little bit P. L. Boy. That escalated quickly. I mean that really got out of hand fast. GonNa talk about more of Lord. ducey's proclamations. And the nine o'clock hour, but my goodness I little bit pushback and he. He snapped big time. I WanNa get this end because the the governor. The governor Look Keith Ellison of Minnesota Attorney General is now at the podium could. You could already tell he's animated? He's he's emotional. The governor said that he he thinks it's going to be swift action. When it comes to these police officers who emerged one murder guy right on videotape, but he understood around and didn't stop them. It was absolutely horrific, and everybody's in agreement that this was murdered that this was police brutality. So the question is, why are people rioting? Why are people destroying Minneapolis West? How? The Chief of Police in Minneapolis Madeira are. Adult Redondo, Madeira our Dondo. He gave us a little bit of insight into what might be going on. In. MINNESOTA,.

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