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PregamEcom register it's free go to buy picks by the bracket, and there's gonna be a little twenty five dollar discount sittin that first time by or so now, you're only spending ten freakin dollars. Think about that a second that collective I q you're spending. Ten dollars. Or if you bought something before, which we really appreciate we're gonna give you a coupon to save ten bucks. An acupuncture is bracket ten all one word all caps, the one zero at the end bracket ten so you throw in your car, and you get it for just twenty five bucks. The pod went forty five minutes. The Bragg Brad. I'm very happy with his brag. I was one of the most fun podcast. I've ever had I loved it. It was unique inside stuff that people aren't doing out. And literally like we said it's a record-breaking for sales day. So this is one to check out. Okay. Next game. Washington. Utah state Utah state up to three. Ken thomson. I'm gonna take Utah state Craig Smith a good good, bud. And I've been following this team. I've been following his coaching. He's done an outstanding job. Now. This is first year there, Utah state and to go into Logan and get the crowd back to a frenzied atmosphere up there in Utah to the way, it was would stew more was there for so many years that was hard to do in for him to do it in his first year you had four guys coming back marrow's, the main guy can shoot a real well, but Miller's pretty good shooter. You got a big guy Keita that's a lot taller than six ten or whatever. He's lissi looks like he's seven two. I think they're going to be able to hang in there. Washington doesn't shoot a real well Hopkins. They'll have them focus. They got dismantled in the Pac twelve final here in Vegas against Oregon. But organ needed that game Washington didn't need it didn't matter. They were going to be basically the only team from the Pac twelve and less ASU got in which as you ends up getting into a play in game. But Oregon was one of those bid Steelers, I think it'll be a good solid game for wild. But I love the energy that Utah state plays with and you saw it here when? They won. I first mountain west conference title is team solid is a good good solidly coach team. And again, my respect for Craig Smith and what he's done in his first year. And I think he takes out Washington. I just don't think Washington has the shooter's to beat Utah state into match their energy. You know, a can remind me of. Gentleman. Our guest is the most valuable player of the National Basketball Association six times from the Los Angeles Lakers. The all time scoring champion of the NBA Kareem Abdul-Jabbar coming off a game. That was second to none in his sprinting career that'd be proud to. If it was a great effort. But a no I had a lot of help into which is led to be here about Fletch. Well, what can I say about fled? She's been fantastic. He boxes out for us gets tough rebounds, this tough things we need to win. It's great working with. I don't know where we'd be without. Let's take a look into play is actually six five with the afro six nine pretty good. Davis is behind by one point at this stage. Fletch comes in puts the ball through the nights. What a great play. And he puts it up in the Lakers have the lead. You like Utah state to I do like, Utah state Washington. This team stakes RJ there over valued thirteen and three in close games. I defined games decided by eight points or less. So think about this Washington. Yeah. They're in the field. But they shouldn't be if those games had just broken out closer to fifty fifty like, they should Washington would be heading to the NIT and also Utah state has a key rebounding. Matchup edge, Utah state the third best rebounding team in the entire field Washington. The worst defensive rebound rate of any team in the field. Utah state picks up some garbage points of miss shots, getting rebounds, Utah state. All right Gaba. Like, wow, Brad. I'm not going to push the bind. But I lean on the other side. Yeah..

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