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I'm going to roll my coverage to that player. I'm gonna get my hands on that player. I look at tyreek hill the cheetah. All right. Nobody nobody is laying a hand on this guy. Why Andy Reid? So smart. He sees your coverage and he adjusts. Okay. Hey, oh, they're they're rolling cover to he's on the outside. They're playing cover to. Okay. I'm gonna put them into position. I'm going to put him in the three position. Okay. Now, you can't touch him because the cover to play cover to all you want. I've got free access with ivory kill. That's what's happening. And you know, how do they do it not not necessarily by alignment, but they'll motion. It's okay. Every defense. I played it. When. Knit matter. What you did? And that was the difference between how I would. And I'm just giving you a zone example. Yeah. Okay. But that's kinda then that's what's missing in this leak. Remember, I have the when you're looking at chessboard. I would have the black pieces on the chessboard. I get the move last you move. I is soon as you move on gonna check Maecha because I get the move last. I'm always gonna put my team in the best situation. You know to be successful. Look, man, we we we were with the jets. We say what we want my last year that we never had an NFL corner on the field. And that's a true statement. I think we ended up six in the league little below where we normally were. But how the hell do you do that? I remember we're playing Peyton Manning. Okay. Who broke the record at here. Am like well veins gonna kill us. He's absolutely going to kill us. We can't cover them. We don't win a single match up against Peyton Manning and the Broncos not one. So you go in there, and I'm like well. Do something. He's never seen. I'm gonna make him run the football. Now, did they beat us running football? Yes. They did. You know, all that stuff. But I wasn't going to take a but kick and sitting down. Yeah. How'd you walked out my Outside Linebackers on the number one? Receivers I presented a five-man box and made them run the football. Why? Because I beat the hell at number one guys, and I play others owns off of it. But it was the only chance we have what Peyton to paint nad check to a run at first Heathrow into it. And then he had to check to a run, you know, and he'll do that. Right. Like sort of not do it. Yeah. He was really him and Brady two two guys that prepared better than any quarterback by far hen shoulders, but you better do something different against them. Or they're going to light you up like Christmas. Let's talk about that chess match. So now it's Rex Ryan against Peyton Manning. I did this podcast on the offensive side a few weeks ago with Matt Hasselbeck, and he said to me, I'm game planning. All week. My opponent is the defensive court. Right. So when you're you're coach when you're a defensive coach and your game planning is your opponent the quarterback is that who is that. Who you you've you as your opponent? No, it's a whole offense. So I'll look at their scheme. I obviously, I'm gonna know their personnel. And things I am going to know the quarterback is a quarter is smart guy. If he's smart I'm gonna use it against him is the power using let me stop you there. Harry using his beings. Ryan Fitzpatrick will we say, he's a smart guys got a Harvard education and all that any smart player. Ryan Fitzpatrick would average getting rid of the football in two point two seconds. Okay. So in other words, he's throwing thank quick what I would do is lay traps out there..

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