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Corner area here in Brookline usually think of is there is a very very safe going to be much more careful in ninety and just walk around I always feel safe side just work around here so every morning every evening I'm going to my car I feel safe Evans says he'll be looking over his shoulder more look a little bit twice now check mess around a little bit better all three robberies were likely committed by the same man a knife was brandished in one of the incidents leaving this resident feeling scared but I don't usually go out late at night Anna just move to Brookline from England she says no more distractions while she's walking I might not wet my headphones sideline I listen to music Kevin Tunnicliffe WBZ Boston's news radio the Cambridge city council votes to lower the voting age for municipal elections to sixteen counselors will Nelson home rule petition to the state legislature state law requires voters be eighteen other cities and towns including Brookline conquered Lola north Hampton have tried to do this before to lower the voting age for local elections with no success FBI director Chris ray faces questioning in the houses is the first time the director's face lawmakers since the release of that inspector general's report in December that found the Russia probe indeed was justified house judiciary chairman Jerry Nadler opening the hearing by calling on all sides to put aside their partisan differences and focus on the substance report documents important issues that affect the sacred liberties of American citizens I hope we can focus on those substantive issues where we are bound to find common ground and that the rail our conversation with long defunct conspiracy theories by the president or any of his minions during questioning director ray said rushes success in influencing our elections has inspired other bad acting nations to follow Russia's lead other adversaries besides Russia are looking very closely at what the Russians have done and taking note of it and giving active consideration is whether that's a play what they should have done it's two OO eight let's find out what's going on on Wall Street and beyond all things business Andrew day joins us right now from Bloomberg business news good afternoon Andrew good afternoon Laurie it's easy to find the stock going up today the market in other bass rally mode again following more testing of possible corona virus treatments will begin tomorrow also lending quite the hand signs from the US economy the strongest measure of services sector activity in five months according to the institute for supply management and the strongest one month increase in private sector job growth in four and a half years according to paycheck processor eighty P. two hundred ninety one thousand jobs added to business payrolls last month that is almost double what had been forecast by a Bloomberg survey of economists amid all that more than three stocks are rising for everyone slipping at the New York Stock Exchange the Dow is up three hundred eighty three points nasdaq gaining fifteen SB five hundred.

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