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Can't volunteers there with us. If you want to talk to therapist. Who's volunteered their time. A murray again like if you're a parent and you're trying to find some education resources for your clt who may not have pediatric experience on the soviet great opportunity to come and learn in meet me brittany and some of the other therapist. You're helping with violence feet foundation. Yeah and i would also just add that if you are a therapist that currently only sees adult patients and you have any like even the slightest bit of interest in learning more about pediatric cases or or possibly treating them This would be a really good way to kind of stick your toe in the water so to speak half and get a little bit more hands on. Get that information I just recently had a family reach out that said. Hey we're looking for a therapist. We've called all the therapists in our area. Everyone is denying us because my child is six years old and they only see adults. And that's something that we're really trying to correct especially through violence foundation Because these parents need help just like the adults do and guess what eventually these kids do become adults and the most successful way to treat and manage lengthen. Ema is by implementing a treatment plan early so when these parents are reaching out. And they're asking for help in their getting denied it becomes really frustrating and they feel so alone so frustrated and they're just trying to reach out to get some help for their kids so as i said if you have you know even the slightest inkling of like oh. I'd like to learn a little bit or you know just interested in the slightest This would be they analyze. It would be a really good way to You know get those basic techniques and you know basic understanding of how to Sweatshop your treatment plan so that it is for kids. 'cause i've been working on my outline and we'll be covering different modifications or modification. Read your mind ways to modify an adult bandaging kit if that is something that you have to use or if you only have certain supplies that are available in your clinic. We're gonna go over how to modify a kit or going to go over how to modify your sequence for mld your hand placement for mld some techniques that you are you know commonly using on adults but you can modify them for a child how to measure in fit for compression garments. We're going to modify actual bandaging applications and things like that. So we're going to pack in as much as possible in this two hour timeframe but again stay tuned for more to come because we have more kind of related. Similar information on that I just had a really good thought. That of course is gone. Maybe it will come back to me as you were talking a second ago i was like oh i think i'll mention this. That's hold mommy brain. Thanks it happens. I have a lot of that. Yeah so let's go ahead and we'll do a little recap so i'm just gonna say if you wanna join team westbrook lincoln. My instagram bio medina podcast. You can go. Join migrate for fundraising. Bryant has speaking o- on the browns feet foundation page There's a whole lot of teams going actually Some of our vendors have been really coal and they have created like corporate teams. Some families that have been involved for a long time with violence v. foundation some of our new campers so just search. Brian's feet foundation searched the hashtag like the night gala. And i think you're gonna find somebody's team to join but why not join mine. Yes and if you go to the website fund dual dot com slash. Brian speed twenty twenty one. That will take you to our fundraiser. Page as betty mentioned. You can get that all of that information on the browns feet website rollins feet dot org slash gala But this is our biggest fundraiser of the year. It is what allows us to continue providing treatment and resources to kids all over the world We have grown so much in the past three years And so we need your help. We need your help in supporting. These kids They are the youngest limping. Dima warriors and a lot of these kids especially ones that are international are in really remote locations where there is absolutely no assistance. There's absolutely no Education there is. There aren't resources. There are no medical professionals by them. They are looking to brown's feet for help And just like we wanna help them. We need your help in order to do that. So i know i was gonna recap but i wanna go ahead and actually give some examples of some ways that farland's feet is helping but more so in like putting a number two statement so let's just think i'm thinking my kiddos in brazil that i've done some education sessions some zoom calls so. I don't speak portuguese so we have to hire a translator. We have to arrange schedules. Because there's a time difference between myself the translator and the family time in money going into that so we have no supplies there for the family in person. At that point we go through education. We kind of get a game plan of what they could use. We pack up. How much would you say a kit. The supplies only not before mail in shipping..

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