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Low end welcome to episode twelve fifteen of actively wild wildaid as podcast ben grabs presented by our patriot supporters i am ben lindberg of the ringer joined by jeff sullivan of graphs low pillow we have kind of whacky one today i guess you could say so let me explain how this came about and what's happening here is kind of highconcept podcast but remember when we had sam on week ago and in the course of conversation i mentioned that there are a lot of baseball players these days bo pens are big it's hard to keep track of all the new players so i suggested that it would be a good idea for someone out there to keep track of each new player who debuts and write about it somewhere in that would be valuable service so some listeners have already taken me up on that suggestion and there is now a newsletter called this week in baseball debuts that is organized by effectively weld listeners it's at tiny letter dot com slash this week in baseball views i have signed up ready i will provide it link on the show page if you'd like to sign up the content will also be posted on bench to the pen our sister site so anyway this is happening now and because of this happening i know about a player who made his debut this week and i got an email from one of the listeners who's working on this simon gutierrez and he pointed out that the tigers have a new catcher grayson greiner who made his debut on sunday and got his first hit against just seven favorite jacob junus and he is a six six catcher which stood out to me you don't see a lot of six catchers so i wanted to have grayson on the show and we are talking to grayson later in this episode but i also got the idea to talk to the other six catchers in baseball history so there are only two i am not counting the one who played in the eighteen eighty four union association anton foul couldn't get him on the phone now he was not available for one thing but also the eighteen.

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