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Second third string card for them, which is like, wow. Yeah, he's behind maxi and I mean, yeah. It's a little crazy to think about. Like, this is a really deep team, man. And like I said, it's really hard not to like them. It all kind of unravels a little bit if you lose embiid for considerable time. So I mean, I think like always, that's the question, but just on the surface, if they're able to stay healthy, this is a really good, scary team that I do think if harden does revert back to where he had been before, if he was unhealthy at the end of last season and now he's healthy again or effort or fit or gel, just gelling better, having more time with the team. It's a team that could win a title. I just kind of because of hardening because of everything we just talked about. I'm absolutely gonna take a wait and see approach with it. But I mean, it's a team that absolutely has potential. I'm with you. Finals potential. I'm with you on paper. I think you could really argue their top two in the east. I haven't loved Milwaukee's off season to be perfectly honest. No, they haven't done it for them. They haven't done much. I wish they'd gotten at least one more wing. It's going to come down to harden. As you mentioned, I mean, if he looks like even how he looked his first stint in Brooklyn before he got hurt and the playoffs he was playing fantastic, the assists were way up. He was playing really, really good basketball. Remember there was that brief conversation can someone win MVP if they were traded mid season and blah blah blah. He was playing really, really well. If he can be even that guy, I mean, I think they're really scary. That version of Hardin plus last year's version of embiid are as good as any duo in the NBA.

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