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The world thank you thank you for the compliments while in town we don't you look like you could use that thank you what's wrong little bear he looked down no I we have brie and in the booth and we are continuing to talk to comedian all these all tan who has a new CD called happy to be here and we're happy to have you here all that is very small Vegas on for the without doing a joke on air yeah happy to be here what what is what what made my inspiration because I'm lonely having a beer man it's like the the paper of the album cover is actually my paperwork my immigration paperwork and then the the the the the happy to be here part is on the visa my exit visa when I came through from Yemen but I've lived in Ethiopia and the exit visa from Ethiopia to America is the part that says happy to be here it's a cool album cover that I worked on with my lady friend and she did a great job with that so yeah the just the the whole point is I'm happy to be here as a person I am also happy to be in America and not to be at war in Yemen so get that that would make me happy there are so you are you are a Muslim comedian out and says comedian Muslim I'm a comedian the and I'm in a so at like at the it's a weird thing the quality I mean I either nobody calls ham Christian comedian well does anyone I don't gray what I meant you know you just call my guy yes Sir so I know I wouldn't say I'm a Muslim greeting out in like this sad fit the definition of a Muslim either in I mean I was raised that way but I've ever since the bacon incidents been the mental L. parted ways kind of you know yeah yeah more or maybe a culturally but to what end to a million on I'm I'm not practice and I'm not praying five times a day I don't really fast I drink bacon is not big enough I want to them is gonna live my life man is that it does your upbringing and then really in particular your faith upbringing influencer comedy at all or not not really hot and how in which way your bill almost a small E. you talked about how old you do the podcast with your mom the air and then I'm wondering how much of your humor kind of comes from how you grew up very early the the malls and mores of growing up in a traditional house all day is there any comedies the is there any yeah you explore explore your life you don't explore the the the things you grew up around the people around you this you know religion is a factor real talk about it right of course yeah definitely will influence you at like religion is such a huge thing people annoy you faith as but I'm sure insulin Susie you and a day to day basis maybe whether or not or not yeah I say I'm sure it's there and I don't think it's like that by itself it's funny but you know those he'll humor ever what do you kind of draw your comedic inspiration real life soft man personal things talk about my family talk about the story is that Scott a stick in my head you know if I if I if I have a reoccurring thought that usually is something worth exploring and I mean of whether it's an observation or story that happened and if it makes me laugh I'm gonna try to you know you know get the audience to laugh with me yeah on it that's kind of the thing this is a this this radio thing is again very serious and you got this look in your eyes it's wild fall in love that's what it is the wildest look in your eyes grow no it's good what it is like if it's starting to feel like inside the actors studio I've ever seen yeah what makes you tick I'm James Lipton staff sergeants love those guys if I was if I were to buy a comedic album I would want to know you and I you and when I went back like a like a you know me like a little background checks that's what this would only make sure we're his certified American I am mags are from ice yeah that that breach of the course yeah but you you talked about you know you know happy to be here and the CD in the CD cover and all that you know what what were you I mean so much of what is is part of the the national discussion right now is about immigration yeah legal and otherwise what was kind of your your path to citizenship I was a long one man I started would the a mother's redeem to get her kids IBM and because she first saw the future and it's unpleasant and her life was in in danger and and so is ours and she decided to come to America and apply for asylum and that process took about three years for her and once she got her green card she was able to apply for me and my sister and I was in Ethiopia the whole time so it took me four years in Ethiopia are just waiting to to reunite with my mom and my sister was inside Arabia at the time and so yeah it took a long time and I know it's going to take that long we thought it might take a year year and a half so those like four years of separation and then I got to America about fish I like fourteen fifteen and then from then it took me about three or five years ago my green card and then after that another five years ago my citizenship sought and become a citizen till ten years the and you know by then I've like when the high school where you know that you know of lives like half of my life here yeah to answer the question yes how difficult was it you know with with I mean what with you being in Yemen in your scissors and Saudi Arabia were you staying with house anything were you with family or I was a mom on the whole thing Montel is in a if you are pure she is she was used to be in Yemen before that and also her life was in jeopardy so sure it's a fully and stay in if you appear we're also with Europeans are my grandmother is if you have been so we had some family there so we started all over there so you know what's it like walking into an American junior high or high school with it with the the limited limited about English that you had a yeah that was great I mean I I yeah I I came at fourteen fifteen in non English and also on adding a I stopped going to school after like fourth grade so I had to skip five six seven eight and then started ninth grade and a new language but you know the I was young enough to be a sponge and kinda like observed things quickly and I was fairly intelligent so took me about a year to just getting acclimated to the language and then adapt to no one in your name agreeing to you tend to learn that that quickly in a more of delight as the kids have to go from place to place and adapt to new calls as I was already in Ethiopia learning a new language there learn in new culture as well so it was something that is scary ad sos into bad you do quite a bit of political humor you do not really politics bore me yeah in and that's kind of like hack because the you know like what am I going to say that the daily show as an error all these other news outlets you know I mean it's kind of like a tired and also people are exhausted by politics specifically trump and if you bring that on stage if there's just a sense of a and R. of like we want to skip this whole thing yeah that's one thing that that it you know as a guy doing comedy people ours and all you know you must be talking about the capital all the time and I you know I almost never talk about it now one because just like Ali said politics right now isn't very funny stuff funny and inspire some more so you know I mean it's everywhere no it will never been as involved as we have since I've lived in America and politics Malek bush days were fine and I mean they're making fun of bush everybody love that stuff but now you bring up the trump saying it brings up like the feelings from the election and brings up this we'll we are division this happening yeah both houses all sired there'd be had from both sides right size the their Dern goes all sizes co exist whatever like it or not you know everybody has an uncle who's an an opposing view of their of their arms of themselves politically and so happy that so like it brings that feeling of brings things given a brings then use it brings everything that you want to escape and you know I don't so I love to have like a cool angle about something now I would and they are the funniest thing I've ever heard as somebody said for our was better the joke was on Tom doesn't look like a guy who initiates music like it like is not the type of guy who goes in a party goes Hey we should that we should play some music and I have that just made me laugh like that type of stuff I I would say is worth about yeah politics is gonna well and it it yeah I think it was Norma Donald you said polls trump has elevated a bunch of really bad pot really bad comedians because they'll normally go out there yeah there's an audience right that doesn't see humor from their comedians anymore but seeks moral guidance and and I'm holding on you know I are making you feel better about yourself purchasing yeah signaling on a virtual signal is the thing I mean that's a fad that's one of the newest as in and there's always a fad going on in comedy at one point I was shock value stuff you know yeah gather your guys we just use you know like you know and G. topics and just say shot things and that was a thing for like a year or two and then it went away now it's on the opposing and this like the pendulum swings back to let's be you know speed us to the right thing was to be morally you know absolute about stuff and can alternately it's the I mean it a young the audience tell you whether it's funny if it's not funny they're not gonna laugh at it just because they agree with you I get a couple who is but you know that yeah that they're there I think audiences are looking for an escape from all the ugliness that they see on TV and on the radio yeah for sure the period of comedy where the guy took that hammer and smashed out of non Gallagher as one of my influences about that did anybody really like that well there's a big deal back in the day man that he was selling out shows man is doing something I mean the I mean what it is is you know it's shared experience and now you know yeah no one's saying well you know I like culture because I also like to crush watermelon I mean honestly you wouldn't you want to believe as you do that's not how you know your inspiration I mean I started that way and that was what I was getting expensive in a lot of water what what amounts alone was a lot more money than anything but yeah I feel like you would go just Serbia to laugh at it you know I mean I like I would love to set up front and be and and have watermelon sprayed on me just as I got memories are you know I mean I don't feel like there when they want to see Gallagher for the arts you mentioned a couple times a couple of different people were your comedic inspiration I and Norma dollars in my top five alive normal who is your top who's your top three maybe I'll say Chapelle Patrice Oneal norm macdonald and ago form five say Maria Bamford is very funny and original and so we are system here and then five Ellis a open it's open it could be neighbor dot CA could be Chris rock and could be anyone sure so we are gonna head to break here but I want to make sure that we once again let people know where they can find you and and find your CD I happen to be here yep it's gonna be on iTunes Spotify apple music on SiriusXM so if you have that at sun life USA and Yemen your dad me tonight I am an act me all we can to that to Saturday me in fella named Greg Coleman I'll be featured from some testing well Ali thank you so much for.

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