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You know listening to pauline listening to to bill and then when the opportunity came up i just couldn't pass that up and went and i i met with the at the time Charlie banda and you know. Thanks to charlie and hager who still. They're running at just an incredible program director. Great person you know. Within that week. I had the job and it was life changing for me. I had so much fun working at ninety seven rock in buffalo. They were transitioning from on the air to off the air. Was that difficult for you. No not at all. Because you know what i still did like every now and then i'd covered things or i. Would you know like the dead show. You know we were like doing something. Do you know if we if we did a traffic thing. I would do something Like fly over the stadium or something but you know and then i would. I would also do some on air stuff sometimes so it really wasn't enjoyed learning about like the more i got into it. I really wanted to make a career you know. From that perspective. I really liked doing the promotions and marketing but like for real not. I didn't want it just because it became available. I wanted wanted to do it in. Learn in really be good at it. It's funny. I'm very wired the same as you have always been into the promotional aspect and i liked this showmanship Especially what radio. I think we do a phenomenal job. Now but you look back at the era of like the eighties and the nineties and the two thousands and the promotions that we would do. They became bigger than life. They were so exciting to me. Yeah we had our own tour. Get a boss do concerts in buffalo. We would promote concerts in buffalo and then we also go up to toronto. Because we're right by the border so we would go up for the rolling stones or or you know whoever would take the group. We take a bus listeners. Up there we cover things. It was just so incredible. It really was and and the talent i mean you know carl russo carl russo. Who does afternoons is still there. And he is just great. Larry norton who retired out too long ago but was doing mornings. I mean just the talent anita west. I mean you go on and on. I mean they're still there and they're still rocking great mystic so out of the different formats and now you're a big music fan. Would you say rock as your favorite format. Yeah now you know. I mean classic rock. Sure sure you know. Yeah definitely no question. So then going to our f- in detroit made a lot of sense. I left buffalo worked in cleveland. I went on to eventually detroit and landed at breath and riff was just amazing. I mean riffs legendary absolutely the things that we did there. I mean it was just you know working with the talent there in the passion. And that's really that's what i i worked for greater media for twenty years and it was a really great experience. We're very fortunate to have the start your career and a lot of your career in your hometown. I was really fortunate. And i did freelance tv as well for the abc affiliate. I did Cover certain things go up to toronto interview. Peter frampton if he was doing something there and we had a great relation had a great relationship with joey from southern at the time. So sometimes when things would come up i would i would go and interview different people in the do stories. And you know like an reporter and then covered the last super. The bills went the last time i went actually to cover the super bowl. I was a tv reporter covering the entertainment part of it..

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