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Who would've thought it that i would too at with salikin his great i would i would apps cd loves to play the food is putting it out there but they play an amazing amazing road and shakespeare an brady has helped me in my acting and anything good link from king lear mark raise your brain up again fired up king lear to kingfisher's talk to me we as well there is a little quote from king clear in which can says certain robes who turned the house even beefs with every day lem vary of their masters is a reference to kingfisher's and their role in predicting the weather wanted to cope why why kingfisher well i think it's just that it's very good at it it's a very good very very good at catching fish this amazing bright three mitch they have a new love i love one whittling kingfisher brighter so so all little kingfisher that we get in this country is about six inches tiny little jewell of absurd but the one you love is is actually more typical of kingfisher's worldwide there about one hundred species but the one you love lives in woodland and yes feed some insects and we had a little bit of the fantastic acting did digital amazing mark i want to cut to pieces out of your brain and put them into mindset ally more intelligent never thought i'd say that someone but i just have time for audiences questions paul from family who would you also christmas lunch if you could living dead rich in judy i just the dynamics alone would be incredible oh i'm going to singersoem now should i go and do that should i ask daniels come up this is a selling this is a song i've always wants to sing my benjamin britten essentially corpus christi carol it was sung by jeff buckley which is your so i'll give it a give me minute character hold the fort mark i bet you know something about this anyway was hyundai let us up hit birds leave com me no these days bye shia labeouf slides miss kunst new ricki.

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