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And just kind of read a classic and so i last night downloaded moby dick moby dick jokingly sort of said moby dick is another one i said that's the one i just downloaded that i'm going on an alaskan cruise wales hello looking for a wales and i just thought i wanna read moby dick i don't think i ever read moby dick they have a lot of good list of one hundred books you should read before you die one hundred moves you see before you before he died catcher in the rye is on there a couple of years ago i still can't tell you what it's about catch catch twenty two is the kindle price was not good enough for me catch twenty two was still at like eleven ninety nine i got moby dick last night for ninety nine cents oh my gosh it's amazing last night read a little bit this morning mr would love this my sister is an english teacher and is constantly reading and every now and then she'll like drove a book my way and be like have you read this one read this i never read lord of the flies i've never read lord of the flies never read it never saw the movie neither of mice and men that's a classic one a lot of people don't talk about it donna because you feel embarrassed when it comes to the classics you feel embarrassed for what you haven't read but you have to think every school picked different books that they made a part of their mandatory reading and there are you know easily hundreds of classics that would be considered true no matter who you ask classics so there's a lot of reading yet to be done and you're never just because an eighth grader might be reading moby dick next year doesn't mean that it's too good to read it marie mobile right here's a little bit of a going back to shoe dog which is not a classic not a classic but it is a.

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