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Kirk cousins loss also was to top sales people to sean jackson and pierre garzon they left you know they were free agents companies hired him his best remaining salesman jordan read still on the staff but he's on sick leave kirk cousins running this company also lost his two top it guys chris thompson and rob kelly they're on indefinite leave they got hurt and there's multiple office managers we like to call him offensive lineman team leaders have been missing all season long yet the ceo kirk cousins of his 75 person company remains number one in the nfc in passing yards in the very tough nfc nineteen touchdowns six interceptions would you say if you had a chance to sign kirk cousins do a long term contract is ceo you know i just need to see five more games according to reports the owners of washington are not sure kirk cousins is retain 'able let me ask you how does dak prescott look minus zeke it's not rare pretty good izzy how does he lied look without old bj oh he's damn awful house cam look when he loses greg olsen in a left tackle fulfull how does andy dalton look without hugh jackson j gruden matt ryan pretty shaky early without kyle shanahan let's review again what kirk cousins as lost the best coordinator sean mcvean football his to top receivers is to top running backs the offensive linesmen banged up all year and by the way jordan reads great but his on sick leave yet he leads the nfc in passing yards his passer ratings top seven in the nfl and his completion percentage is sixty six percent.

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