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So that could be underlying structural abnormalities in the brain from the previous melanoma that had spread to the brain and then medical procedure scheduled for tomorrow morning yet another Democrat considering a late run for the party's presidential nomination former Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick said to be inching toward the bed CBS is Caitlyn viewing burns what this does signal is that there are some in the Democratic Party who are upset with the current field or see weaknesses in the front runners right now lastly you it last week it was former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg edging toward around house impeachment investigators released transcripts of earlier closed door testimony from the Pentagon's Laura Cooper CBS's bill Rakoff Laurie Cooper told members of the impeachment panel that it was her understanding that Ukraine met all the requirements for some four hundred million dollars worth of military and security eight but then in July she began to hear indications that that money was being held up by the trump administration for a reason that was not given she said that news concern her and her fellow national security officials who wondered if such a hold was illegal bill Rakoff CBS news Capitol Hill Mexico's apparently arrested some suspects in last week's murders of nine Americans in northern Mexico Adrian barred has the latest without giving out any details at all on the arrest Mexico security minister confirmed there are suspects in custody he also said it will be up to the Mexican attorney general's office handling the investigation to provide further information that office did accept help from the FBI and other foreign investor Gators dream bart in Mexico City on Wall Street the Dow gained ten to twenty seven thousand six ninety one but the nasdaq was down eleven.

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