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I i started pounding this desk started shabby right on right on it's about time somebody outside of this program said this and here is what it is this is michael caputo last night says he has gotten the message with tucker carlson question so they just bankrupt you not just me i think other people too i mean at ten cup isn't a good look but i've had to open a gofundme page i mean i certainly didn't sign up for this when i went to work for the trump campaign and i will never ever work on another republican campaign for as long as i live i think that's part of this tucker i think this is a punishment strategy i think they want to destroy the president they want to destroy his family they want to destroy businesses they want to destroy his friends so that no billionaire and let's say fifteen years wakes up and tells his wife you know what the country's broken and only i can fix it his wife will say are you crazy did you see what happened to donald trump and everybody around him so that's what this is about the reason i'm putting a table because it's right on and it's something that it's a point that i have been be laboring here over and over you may have gotten tired of hearing me make the point that made it so often it's exactly what this is this is the swamp telling any outsider don't ever try this again because we're going to destroy don donald trump and by extension anybody else whoever tries this let's go back to the audio sound bite archives here i am september twentieth two thousand seventeen this is not quite as maybe nine months ago or eight months ago now less than a year after the election it's an effort to destroy trump and his business.

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