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Or center ktrh news time twelve all want our top story tropical storm watches issued for parts of the east coast as hurricane jose lurks just off shore in the caribbean abc senior meteorologist rob marciano says armagh battered islands are bracing for a strengthening hurricane maria this thing really has developed pretty rapidly tadeu category one seventy five mile an hour winds as the east of barbados by about one hundred fifty miles that are become a category to storm that hit the islands of monday night into tuesday we've got warnings in watches up for the same mile as it got hit by armagh and then getting to puerto rico looks like wednesday as a categorythree storm continuing on towards the turks and caicos meanwhile sunday was the first day back for many residents of the floor florida keys the they were allowed back to their homes at investigation is underway into the evacuation of a flooded port arthur nursing home during hurricane harvey this is a preliminary investigation into possible wrongdoings that occurred in this facility during the evacuation such schedule flooding of this sold during hurricane or porter answer police officer michael a bear says that a criminal search warrant was served at the league arthur place unearthing mersing rehabilitation center last week the nursing home came under criticism for family of residents after its handling of the evacuations during flooding from harvey about 74 residents were evacuated during those floods of the insurance council of texas calling hurricane harvey the costliest storm and stayed history the insurance council says there were nineteen billion dollars in insured losses from harvey one is struck the gulf coast in southeast texas last month property losses have been reported it over three billion dollars while both auto and commercial property losses are around five billion the figures do not however include residential property losses from flooding nick reich of its newsradio 740 ktrh i'll just a few weeks ago but it worth east water purification plant was underwater now it's expanding their silvestre turner says this is the largest water treatment project in the world this is a monumental and it was safe and reliable drinking water.

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