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Sitting down and standing up lame down and standing up standing up and having somebody push you a little bit it's all the things that you know that sounds for that sounds really easy like can i stand up i could be an astronaut well after spending six months in space can be a little jari it could be a little difficult and all that feeds back into the research of okay i'm a mars astronaut i've been in space for you know six to nine months on this trip noun gravity environment you need to design the spacecraft the habitat everything to understand that hey for the first couple of hours this person might have to just sitting there chair and do nothing or no we can resume reasonably expect them to pop up in you know do these simple things they might not be able to get out of there space for a couple of hours all all of these different things have to be figured out before you to shove people into the spacecraft kick them off the planet and incentives somewhere else but we're doing that for doing that right now yet man their job is not done when they hit the nail on a final after six months being away from home you hit the ground and you're like i finally done and then the you stand apps it down new accounts crazy stuff and it doesn't stop there oh that's right and it's it's an and again when i when i say they're truly gracious people they they have to sacrifice a lot for the for this i mean you know obviously they get the great view and they're they're in outer space and that's amazing but i mean just training for these missions is usually about two years so you that's two years of you in intensive training awada traveled to all the other partner countries where they trainee one different things.

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