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You recall, uh, 20 years ago, It was a picture Perfect day. Beautiful morning, 8 30 In the morning when I was driving, I kept thinking to myself What a beautiful day And then I heard the radio report and I said It's not such a beautiful day. But this Saturday will be special. Thank you so much, Mike. I'm so glad we were able to share your story on wbz. And and we're going to talk further about 9 11 after we say good night to you, But thanks again. It was really nice to meet you. Thank you. All right. You take care of Mike Mall Way businessman who had a direct connection to the relief efforts the day after. 9 11 20 years ago, and he's very ardent. Supporter of the idea of keeping this memory alive and honoring those who fell, so we'll take a short break and come back. And I think because Mike's story was so compelling, I think would be Kind of interesting to ask the question. Where were you on that day? What were you doing? And what was your reaction If you had any connection, obviously to the events in New York, uh, that would be fascinating to know. But From a human Perspective. It's a question of people always ask. Where were you when JFK was assassinated. What were you doing? We weave those of us who lived through trauma like this are sort of frozen in that moment of time, and it's sticks to your brain. Kind of like a A photograph a series of negatives that just remains stuck there. So I'll share a little bit about me and what I was experiencing, but I'd love to hear from you. 617254 10 30 is the telephone number. Um, And where? Here on WBZ on nightside in for Dan Ray until midnight, So we have plenty of time. To converse on this or other subjects. 617254 10 30, I'll be right back. It's nightside with Dan, where until you easy, Boston's news radio.

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