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The size i mean. They put some thirteen. What's the size. That's a good question. Gee think i know. More about the thing i just bought by. Just put down a deposit Is it a sixteen nine despite a different Thirteen and a half. Three three two. Which i really liked. That's great one hundred percent. Srgb color gamut four hundred nets. So it's a pretty standard. Probably not touch twenty to fifty six fifteen point four. Oh that's beautiful actually. Better than premium siris graphics but Got ten camera on it. The fingerprint reader lennox compatible which is unusual and very nice. So i think it'll be a nice nice machine. We'll see. I'll give you a report. Let's see where are we here. Oh back back about tip of the week. What was your tip that article. I just went to. It's an notes. You can't remember august. So parallels has the latest version of parallels desktop for mac. Which by what. I mentioned that i wanted this weekly because it will support windows. Eleven out of the box. And it's worse now you know in beta obviously and also macaroni macro monterrey. Which is at upcoming. I guess coming up next month Lots you know. All the usual improvements. You would expect the reason i mentioned. This is as a temp you know. If you want to run windows apps on mac parallels to me is always been the best tries to certainly my choice therefore coherence mode that lets you run just the app I mean obviously the vm's running background. But the absopure side by side with the mac native apps and cut and paste between them drag drop between melissa up. It's really really nice. with windows..

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