President Trump, International Whaling Commission, CBS discussed on 24 Hour News


The second depth of an immigrant child in the agencies care this month the death coming during ongoing dispute over board border security with a partial government shutdown underway over President Trump's request for border wall funding. Kevin McLean is Commissioner of US customs and border protection. He tells CBS this morning. It was actually not the agency's decision to release the eight year old back to a detention center where he dies actually, a border patrol agent who noticed that the child did not appear to be well and made the decision to transport the child and the father to the hospital, and it was the emergency room doctors, and nurses who made the decision to discharge the young boy there is an investigation underway. Now with a large part of the federal government is still shut down. President Trump is promising the stalemate will not end until Democrats agree to pay billions for his border wall. CBS's? Chip Reid says reporters are getting very little information about the negotiations to bring the two sides together. Whitehouse's simply saying the ball is in the court of the Democrats and the Democrats are saying, no you've got to go first. The president is saying I need my money for the wall. And the and the Democrats are saying you're not getting any money for the wall. All eyes on Wall Street at this hour the opening bell rings, the Dow closed down more than six hundred fifty points on Christmas Eve before being shut down for the yesterday for the Christmas holiday US, stocks are headed for their worst, December since the great depression in nineteen thirty-one prior to the opening bell s and p futures we're actually up about twenty points or so bad news for whales, and they're human supporter in a move expected to draw international condemnation. Japan has announced its withdrawing from the International Whaling Commission in order to resume commercial killing of the animals. The Japanese say hunting will be limited to their country's territorial waters and economic zone. The commission had rejected Tokyo's requested resume commercial whaling Japan has long maintained against scientific evidence that most whale species aren't endangered and that eating whale is part of Japanese culture..

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