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So many mountains to climb, and we do it together. With the right support. More veterans can reach victories, great and small, seeing Alex learning how to snow ski That's life Changing. D A V provides a lifetime of support to veterans with every generation helping more than a million veterans each year. Alex did it. He skied down this mountain. That's something he won't forget with the right support. There are no limits to see him on that slope and smiling like that will be taking this home. So much. Thank you with the A V Alex. Rusty. Thank you for your service Support. More victories for veterans Go to be a dog. Good morning, It was rainy, and Chicago E was working Dearborn when we got to call him a man in an alley next to the Goodman Theater, E called in Dispatch. There's a guy wearing only have a mask on one side of his face. He's got a cape on Call £180 and he sings off key Dispatch told me to handle it rolled with it. What I want to make you changed, and it's a man. Maybe that's why he's off Cape. Sir, We're from this phone. Control. You'll need to turn the mask sign ways to cover your nose and mouth. It's for your own good and everyone else he gives me a look. That could melt the mean I said, Okay, You have a nice night. He said. Don't tell me what to do. Hey, what I want. What do you do, Sir George, let's just call it the music of the night. You're listening to W c p T a 20 because fax matter Ladies and gentlemen, it's the Stephanie Miller Show..

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