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The whole fascinating to me about Tyra banks is hosting show model. It's not really bullshit for her to be. You know, the only thing that's bullshit. He's like she's not really connected to the fashion industry even back, then she was. History because she was really doing more sexy gross stuff at that point. And also, she was like headline model, I think where it's like her connection to the fashion industry is being talked about in relation to the fashion rather than working never wondering rolls did everything at the same time. You know what I'm saying? She was never like who's like a good example of someone like how the girls are. Now, the poppy models. They get to do the super commercial things. They get to do the sexy girl thing and the run and they do a regular show. They weren't doing that super star package can walk VS fashion shows, and she can be invoked Talia on the time, Victoria, and then like TV too. Yeah. By the time of fashion show that was like the end of the supermodel era. So those angels which Kalina christianson in Stephanie Seymour pesto vi- think on Tyra entira guided because again new turned it down we can say that. Jobs are things that Campbell turn down. A lot of lady. Gaga jobs are things the beyond eight turned down. Okay. Girls. You have your your dream group of grow your ideals. There's always going to I'm not trying to downplay Tyra because Naomi was probably one of like three options, they have for like black girls, if they wanted to go ethnic. I don't know when Gary was like Fisher an angel. But I think Tyra walk that first VS show Beverly pill walked I show, Veronica Webb for walk that I show Dow Wachter so this is the end these girls at the end of their towards the end. But like they weren't after that Stephanie didn't really do in thing else. It was a new look fashion, it moved on from that particular. So she had Tiber was never doing high fashion work. She was never like doing L stuff on the regular basis and doing VS. Yeah. Esau at the same time shipping completely them. That was not like that Tiber was never like the Naomi Campbell kind of model. Never the girl in doing namely doing bucking champagne commercial. Nls like oversee that she has the only has like a Super Bowl Super Bowl commercials. He has commercial like for like life water or something, you know, Duncan. She sat they were like modeling modeling. They were doing everyone. That's the joke. I always find when we talk about supermodels, and it's always Naomi Campbell entire banks being mentioned because no shade Tyra. But like I said before Naomi made headlines in the fashion industry because she was working, and it was about her work and made headlines because she talked about the fashion industry constantly, but she wasn't working when she got a TV show about like, she did things like, yeah. I remember she really cute. She was always more L girl. Anyway, never like, a vogue magazine girl. She was never that girl. I think Stephen Mozelle only shot Tiber early on for like a doting Cabana campaign. I hate that. You know this. There Mesa Tara banks. Earth thing. No shades. Any other girls were models? I always Rama model success whether or not Steven Mozelle shot them or not Stephen religiously worked campaign, or it doesn't matter doesn't any form any form because Stephen campaign. Shoot Selena Gomez now. So I guess. Which is very like to be so selective. And I don't know. Things. Very like, I I want to talk a little bit about because I know you mentioned this to me. And it's one of the reasons you wanted to talk about Tyra banks. So there was a contestant. Angela Preston was supposed to win top model and part of the drama was that she was re edited at the end of the season because they found out. She was an escort watch. Yeah. Happened was she was a contestant. She was on top model three cycles the first Eichel. She didn't make the house four billion girls. Similar stories with Tyra banks is a monsoon when it comes to that. I mean, I guess I'm saying she wasn't as involved. I would say in the contestants like most goals later seasons. I would say maybe past like five it wasn't as really as intimate as it was before. So I don't want to say I'm not trying to take away like. I'm not trying to downplay anything branch went through anything..

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