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We're GONNA listen to the audience but it's this is right up. Rally alright an example of an action movie that has action sequences that are really embedded into the plot and interesting and another very similar action movie the action sequences can be excised from the overall film and shown by themselves to as much effect because they they're just totally separate their story in his action. You Ready Jean Claude van Damme bloodsport. Oh yes and John Claude van Damme the quest. I don't know that I've ever watched the quest. Okay well this to you so in blood sport the action action sequences are long. Yes and there are some movies off. I came later. The quest is basically a retelling. The same story is invited into this tournament Dukes. He's not Franks. It's nineteen thirties and seven nineteen eighty basically the twenty I can't remember now but anyway he's invited to the tournament and a mysterious place in Asia and he goes there and there's all these people these different martial arts backgrounds unlike blood sport which used some montages urges to move the tournament along in the movie the quest they show every single fight in the bracket tournament in its entirety as its own scene. I want to watch this but it's terrible. It's terrible because this unbelie right now the you're taking the wrong lesson from this so in the quest there's the story and then there's the action and they're both good but they don't meet they don't they don't contribute to one another then in blood sport there story and there's action and they work together in highlander the first highlander movie their story and there's action action and it works together. You know what I'm saying. Yes I haven't achieved that yet and it's quite a difficult thing Brian as GM to put your ap out there because because I feel judged by every other real gm who listens and every armchair GM who listens who's judging every moment of every game where they could have done something better. That's that's a tough thing to put out there but I'm confident enough and where I am with my players and my games that I'm willing to do that that and I'm willing to deal with that. You know I don't mean exposure like fame because obviously you know. Dozens of people listen every week if we're lucky but I mean exposure in terms of like letting this piece of myself like showing my hobby and how good or bad I am at it to the world. I'm comfortable with that if people can take anything away from an even if it's what not to do so I wanted I maybe not in this game but in the past you have absolutely absolutely blended the narrative with with combat. There are times when that has absolutely happened. I'm thinking back to the the game where Mike's character turned on us and that was totally you know driving the story through combat. I mean there are other instances and you know that I mean that so but that's a challenge because that requires you know play between multiple people. I mean mean yeah you can set it up but everybody else has to to play into it and you know not wiping in the process in to do the quest on Amazon has one hundred four reviews and it's four and a half stars so I maybe it's not terrible. I think it's watchable but I think when you watch it you'll see I mean about how there's good store. While there's there's okay story and there's excellent fighting and the two were so separate there so arm's length from one another from one another that I don't think it's as cohesive as it could be okay as long as it's Kinda like watching like you know. UFC One one through ten but would junk Claude van Damme. I'll be happy we we'll have to do a follow up on you. Having watched the quest okay and my memory three of it I will watch that here in a couple of weeks Diab Lori. Let's talk the for just a second so that the guys finally found out what Diab Lori is and in those luck roles that I had been asking them for were finally explained the highlander mechanic the highlander mechanic yes exactly so in highlander you know the the to mortals adults fight and whoever wins gets the power of the other immortal. That's exactly what I've been doing with Diablo. We had a brief conversation right this some episodes ago they have finally learned in the game world it all those luck roles they've been making were whether or not a mock avian was around to read their aura and detect their diab blurry and they have made all those luck roles so that's finally revealed to the players and in the next episode we're going to cover the session session recap because this that we listened to was the last piece of action from the physical session two and the next episode. We'll listen to the players recap of physical session to in. NC What they will they took away from it but spoiler spoiler ahead in the next episode Chris and Nathan both make some guesses about the Meta plot and the guesses aren't far off so more next week. Thank you for listening people. Call Them post-mortems the Irish appraisals reviews retrospectives. We call them lessons learned and we're sharing ours with you..

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