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Were what she hulk speech. By by way of sailors slang interesting see my geeky term. Belyaev portuguese pirates was my nerdy ass with think. Like in what you just said mad about like language. Being the amalgamation of culture. Right and tom tom. You just said Regular everyday tom. Right regular everyday talking. Also you said like most shooters latin. So nerdy ashes. Startling portuguese words being replaced portuguese commonly used as a trading language to the west african coast and the indigenous people of that region especially in west africa. Have you ever heard portuguese into it. No it sounds rushing. Have you really think you're listening to how they pronounce words and some other stuff like it. Almost sounds rush. Pardon me For the west coast and palaver came to english in the sense of parlay or conference typically between europeans and the indigenous people interesting so two classes two totally different cultures in power dynamics coming together to try to community talk some shit and now one of those power dynamics has completely eradicated Culture are there is even a porta. We've gone too far. Let's today this might have been the best word of the day that we had. We really like this from now on. Just be like this. Where sucks but just keep talking. Talk about the winds right. Sucks listening to a new podcast. It's called what in the lexicon i think is I think it's a head game podcast but it actually breaks down at analogy like on thirty minute basis and it started with slaying starting so it was pretty dope. Let's get Let's get to this week in creativity. I wanna play a clip for you. That's buzzing. Around internet. Right now from dwayne wade as he talks about his relationship with gabrielle union. Take a listen. Let's get some thoughts relationships you know we come in and we try to change. Try to change them. We want them to be start taking a different approach in this relationship. I think earlier. When i came in. I hate you get dramatic. Bop bop bop bop. She respond on willed to that. Did not reasons for that to let me say that. I have a good life of the party..

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