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This is the her wherever you may be and however you may be listening live in los angeles iheartradio fox sports radio and affects one cristine lay he is joining me and in 25 minutes we'll have one of the wildest stories which i think is one of the craziest but most accurate theories i have ever heard in sports regarding go wrong it is fascinating i don't wanna give it away it's less than thirty minutes you got to stick around for thirty minutes on our show today is fascinating you've got very excited about this i i just think it's an amazing thing it's the i thought it somebody else sat at and we want to give him credit all right let me start with this the magazine industry is dead it's been dead forever sports illustrated's kind of falling they're just there's no it's not as vibrant vibrators that used to be a rolling stone magazine officially is dead after this they had a pole to music magazine players that could replace tom brady as the face of the league and i'm not joking they apparently not only struggle with music but football they list defensive ends myles garrett jaylen ramsey a corner in jacksonville and interior lineman from the rams and dak prescott i'm going to tell you now none are going to replace tom brady is the face of the league he's a quarterback seven super bowls one five and i suspect till at a one to both the appearances and the titles this year eight and six nobody's ever gonna equal that again and i'm gonna tell you why.

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