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I was like this is like the idea of this is funny, but the execution of this is not I mean, Jesuit comes from her. So that's true because some horse and he is good at Har. Yeah. I mean, it was a fast seven which was the one who was really fun. Yeah. I mean, they're all fun now. But he's very talented. But it's interesting because when he did the country, right? Yeah. Oh, come on. Yeah. He's which what Patrick Wilson. Every movie is is insidious conjuring like a part of the same. Yes. It is. Yes. Sein- because there's so many there's like there's like three and city S's like to Kandari Annaba Annabel, and I feel like the none is supposed to be. Oh, really? I think it is early. And there's like two. It's all the same people the same curse it is. And like the none takes you back to what occurs started benefactor. But if I n a Bill. Annabel's in Annabelle is in this movie. Let me sit back and find exact seen what you're talking about. Yeah. He put her in Atlanta Bell's, not wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. I promise you. I promise you this girl scream Annabel's in the movie Google in. She's like on the floor up. Here we go Bill Dodd very creepy on the floor in the movie, but anyway, don't do this. But it was so cool. Because once we get to that. I love seeing the montage like the party montage. Yeah. They're taking pictures and stuff, and it was like I like such a dicta- Gaza lily them having the most. I got scared because I thought that like them being on social media was going to like tip Manta off and he was going to find his dad and kill them. That's I thought it was going to. Oh, I actually was afraid that didn't it didn't that didn't happen to. So everyone knows spoiler that doesn't happen in the movie. But at that moment, I really thought that that was going to happen scared. I yeah. Well, then we have another scene where the ocean rises inexplicably and Patrick Wilson. I guess throws the ocean. Which was a power that. I was like. This is a crazy power that you never utilize again. That's like it seems like a really good Howard. Like, no tidal waves at. The world hits you that's not. That's not even the war. That was this is a warning. Through all of the garbage and all of the battleships out of the sea. I was like you're able to control tidal waves to to take all of the garbage and battleships and throw them out of the see how what Merrick's plane that power again, by the way, they're explain it. The first time I was just like damn. But it was pretty cool. I was like there was a part of me. That's like I can't even be mad at them for throwing all the battleships in garbage out of the IB. Like we deserve. Talking about it too. Yeah. And I was like Israel. We aren't horrible people just doll because we're at marathon shows up. He agrees to go. Remember her like car is like in that like she hit her ship in like a. Something like that. The doll is in there someone so when the car comes so creepy, here's when a doll you'll see the dog like the left side of the screen dark ever nece dollars dollar. I mean. I mean, come on. Talked about how a toy coming to life is the most frightening thing that could. I would have seen that I would've I would've walked out of the movie. Yeah. So I love it. So we have that like I mean, this is periodically throughout the movie, but I'm just going to talk about it. 'cause like quench Li they have all these flashbacks with young Jason momoa, actually, I like as a kid, but then it's him as like a teenager and he's getting trained by William to fo in. So we learn oh, he knows all these fighting skills. Otherwise, you'd be like how did he know all these findings because it's like 'cause he willing to kept coming out of the training him. And then also told him like your mom dead, which he thought at that point. He didn't know his mom was still alive..

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