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Cure or prevent any disease. They had snuck in and the night and committed these murders. Nobody had a clue about who or why you had eight people dead and things like that don't usually happen in a small town. They don't usually happen anywhere. It was just a real shock for plus years after the murders, and they could have written, more sinister story than what's playing out in Pike County, Ohio, right now, listen to the pectin massacre wherever you get your podcasts. Corona virus Worldwide count is now over 22 million with a number of deaths approaching 800,000, and there are a lot of companies in several countries competing in the race to find a vaccine. Pope Francis saying it would be sad if the world's richest people are given priority for Corona virus vaccine the pope urging wealthy countries against holding doses if an effective shot is found. We don't know in his weekly audience, which is being delivered online during the pandemic, instead of two crowds of the Vatican, Francis saying the outbreak will change the world for better or worse. In London. Fox News what a vaccine is available. New Mexico's Democratic governor might make it mandatory for some people in the state to get the shot those who work in health care or our first responders or teachers. In California more than 30. Wildfires are burning and that has forced thousands of people to evacuate wildfires. Also charring parts of Colorado and actor has died. Ben Cross made his acting breakthrough in the 1981 Academy Award winning film Chariots of Fire.

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