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Him. Knocked him out embarrassed them. Baddest man on the planet. Nobody can beat him. Maybe the greatest heavyweight we had ever seen. All right, All right. You know what? You've got to get yourself back up on the map. All right. I'm gonna name you every fighter. Mike Tyson fought between Buster Douglas and finding Evander Holyfield now it was six years later because of the jail sentence. This is every fighter he fought after. Buster Douglas, Henry Tillman, Alec Stewart Donovan Roddick, who he fought twice. Peter McNeeley, Buster Mathis Jr Frank Bruno, Bruce Seldon, and then we get to a Vander Holyfield November 9th 1996. You guessed it. Hey, lost. He then got a rematch against the exact same individual and all time. Great. You guys know what happened? He bit his ear. Not once, but twice. Anybody is here because he was losing. Let's call it what it was. Ah! Vander Holyfield was given Mike all kind of fits. He knew he couldn't be Evander Holyfield. He got mad, so he bit Evander Holyfield. That's what happened. There's no other way to look at that fight. If you gone back and watched it, then what I just said Mike was getting beat up for the second time he got knocked out the first time. Keeping goes back. So fight Evander in the rematch that we all were waiting for. And he got beat up again. That's what happened. He got beat up again. All right. You know what happens, man. Real fighters lose so He's never been anybody good that was in their prime. So far in this Mike Tyson's story that we're going through. He lost in one of the biggest upsets in the history of boxing to a guy that we never heard of before. At one point and then never heard of since. His biggest wind up to this point after 39 fights. It's Trevor Burbank. That's his big fight. That's Mike's big fight unless you want to give him Larry Holmes. I don't want to disrespect Larry Holmes all time. Great. He fought the Tampa Bay Buccaneers version of Larry Holmes and not the New England Patriots version. I don't know how much that counts. But if you guys want to give him Larry Holmes cool, he be Larry Holmes. Were then fast forwarding after he got the beats by Evander Holyfield. He then has one more big fight in his career. You guys remember? Lennox Lewis. He was calling Lennox Lewis out. You remember? I'm the most brutal and ruthless champion there ever been. My style is him. You know the same. This is how we fights leading up to that. Francis both wah. Hold the North. Julius Francis Liu several Reese, Andrew Galata, Brian Nielsen. I mean he's fighting. All time greats. We then get to Lennox Lewis. You remember Tyson was talking big stuff heading into that fight against Lennox Lewis. He wanted all the smoke against Lennox Lewis. You know what happened Like what happened every single time. Mike was in a big fight against a real opponent. He got knocked out. I'm here telling you that Mike Tyson's career is a myth. It is a fabrication. It is a made up thing by Don King. It was handcrafted, this fighter who had incredible hand speed and incredible power, toe fight tow mater cans and bombs. To become The most marketable fighter. We had seen this side of Ali Boxing needed the star. They needed somebody who could sell it, Sport. That's not really what Larry Holmes Woz George Foreman was on the way out. They needed somebody like this toe help move units, and they saw this kid from Catskill, New York, who had the hand speed and the power and he had the ability to be a star. And in a W W E Vince McMahon kind of way I think the fix was in Idea or anybody. Will open up the phone lines here. 855 to 1 to 4 to 27. What am I missing with Mike Tyson? I'm only 32. So some of you who are a little older than me are very happy to call up here. We can have a good conversation a productive conversation and tell me what I missed. But any fighter that you name that is an all time. Great. I can pull up their track record. I can pull up who they beat. Think about how we talk about Floyd, and we talk about Floyd like he's ducked every fighter. Well, Floyd fought and beat every fighter. He be Oscar De La Hoya. He beat Canelo. He beat Manny Pack yell, He beat Shane Mosley. Say what you want about Floyd Mayweather. There's not these holes in his resume. And whenever he was matched up against somebody who we deemed to be an all time, great or somebody that you would pay to watch him fight, not just pay to watch, Floyd, But you're paying a watch Floyd Fight X Floyd comes out there and candles business. That ain't what Mike Tyson. His track record is telling me it's telling me he could get beat by somebody who was in nearly a skilled is him. It's telling me when he goes up against other all time greats. As in a Vander Holyfield, he could get knocked out once he could be on the verge of getting knocked out again before he gets mad and bites his ear. It tells me that when he fights Lennox Lewis, who's an all time great heavyweight, and maybe one of them or underappreciated heavyweights of all time, he got knocked down the eighth round. Point to me, the Mike Tyson win or winds that shows he's a great fighter wears his resume because any great fighter.

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