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Thirty nine. Thirty seven hours hominid. These games signature games that he played in the finals. He'd have thirty shot attempts. Only ten makes these just gunning out there. Hey point guard how. 'bout passable a couple of times. Who is the we in question. Who's this we that mr heinsohn. The third to other than what his mailman who's weak. Who's the way no one's no one. I have never never ever ever ever ever ever had a discussion or heard one that denigrated the pre super bowl. Nfl champions worried about the different shades. Yes the super bowl thing that no one has ever denigrated a- to my knowledge so i don't know who this we might think of championship. Nfl championships one of the first ones i think of is the giants forty seven two seven victory in one thousand nine hundred fifty seven. Okay i i don't wanna i'm sorry i said i wouldn't involve i won't get involved in the basketball discussion with the q went on philosophy I will say that I- i- honor all the nfl champions pre and post super bowl period. I don't know who the we is. But i i i i don't care what about his criticism of cousy of it. Discussing the game has evolved. Okay the you'll have to have things when you're talking about sports and you have to talk about The person in their time and their time who was dominant who was winning. Who was the. How was the game played. What was the game. of course it game is evolved. I know cousy never shut forty percent. I also know as the godfather of every point guard. Who was ever join breath subsequently whether you're number chris. Paul is a direct descendant of bob cousy in terms of the concept of what a point guard is how to get the job. Done how to distribute the ball. How do identify who gets the ball winning where that is. What cousy was the greatest at his time at and set the table for everyone who followed everyone understand everyone who followed that is his historic impact and that is why veered period okay. I'm not worried about what he was thirty. Eight percent fifty two percent. Or whatever i know is it was a great great player in his time and it was set a standard of excellence at a position and set the and basically book book position. Okay people have improved on this the tip of the shooting part. We all know that. Okay so that that's that's colossal you. It's and disrespect to to denigrate bob. Cousy and that we'd colossal ignorance. I mean capital state capital. Can you call it setting the table. When he's taking the most shots on the team though that sounds like he's a table and eating to came your profession in public a profound ignorance of of the reality of what the game was all about. Don't embarrass yourself any longer time much more my time with this with this basketball coupon bob we love you. Thank you for being on with us. I'm sorry we've upset you good talking to you always nice talking to you. He's a little pissed. It's gonna ruin his day. He's a little easily. Put a landline. Sound at the end of that by of needs it. Can i get a call. You mr hasson. Did you know what sam mitchell also thinks. My first name is amino hasn't..

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