Packers, Barron County, Matt Leflore discussed on Wisconsin's Morning News with Gene Mueller


I don't know there's rumors earlier today. Trading shoe, and they come to not be true. Just totally today was gonna be the day that took my door. Two hours later that she was spoiled. I cannot believe this. So that's her ads. She was talking about rumors there you hurrying. She's talking about a situation in Walworth county near east Troy there were rumors a lot of police activity there yesterday and rumors started to circulate we were starting to hear some of that. And the sheriff in Barron county came out and said, hey, look, we got nothing to do with that coincidentally couple hours later Jimmy shows up. Yeah. Now, the the reports are that the individual that's now being held twenty one years old. We don't a lot about that. And we will carry as much of that press conference as we can live in the ten o'clock hour, that's typically are four tenths. We may have to make some adjustments on that. So we'll keep you posted on that story as I mentioned the new coach Packers Matt leflore joined gene, Jane and Doug this morning after the break will play a little chunk of that. And it's an exciting time. Anytime you have a new coach in the NFL of the fans get excited. The organization is frankly through the roof on getting a new young coach. A new prospect of lead the Packers back to title town, as they say so carry that busy show today, of course on on Fridays. The Friday forum to different people from different walks of life. Both of these gentlemen, have been here before from Greif CEO, John Kissinger and judge David Borowski played at talk about in the states and in the country. That's at eleven o seven. We mentioned the the Jamie clause press conference from Barron county that's coming up in the ten o'clock hour, nine o'clock hour, some of the crazy. I say crazy some of the crazy stories related to the the border. I'm starting to go back and documenting what some lawmakers have said in the past about the border, and then highlighting the difference in what they're saying. Now, I'm gonna play some audio from the president Donald J Trump Dianne Feinstein, the Senator from California had a much different take on immigration and illegal aliens a few years back and just a general take on where that story line is going as we now tie the record for the longest shutdown in government history today, twenty one days any signs of ending doesn't seem like it. And the president has dug in Senator Chuck Schumer has dug in speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi as well, we will see what happens, but now twenty one days into that shut down after the break a little bit of the Packers brand new head coach Matt leflore, Steve.

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